Can you reverse brain damage caused by sz?

Or we’re born with a sz defective brain?
How to reverse dementia and cognitive symptoms caused by sz?

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I read that cognitive symptoms are the ones that predict life quality and recovery from sz.

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Who says that it’s brain damage?

Nobody has a clue.


idk but humans have a good propensity for healing, idk how long it could take for the brain to heal or if it is irreversible but i’d like to find out, maybe a neuroscientist could answer that question.


I meant chemical brain damage maybe, not necessarily shrinking. Thats how I feel.

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So I have the first type sz bcz of brain damage? They say first type has brain damage but the second doesn’t.

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All I know is that I notice a big difference now that I’m off Depakote.
Things are a lot clearer for me now.

Before I was living in a cloudy world.



Here they say some szics have smaller brains and bigger empty spaces (ventricles):

Correlations between ventricular enlargement and gray and white matter volumes of cortex, thalamus, striatum, and internal capsule in schizophrenia.

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I think the more psychosis you experience, the more damage it does.

That was my understanding, which is why they intervene to stop it as quickly as possible,

Might be wrong though


I wanted to do an MRI but the Drs refused many times.

Yea that explains the headaches I get when in psychosis. Maybe the headaches are indicators of brain damage.

I am mostly recovered from strokes, so that’s a definite maybe.


They’re certainly the best predictors of real world functioning.

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Wow, that means 2/3 of patients have brain damage vs healthy ppl. Sucks.

That explains why some szics have much less cognitive and negative symptoms while other szics have much more.

Maybe caused by psychosis like @FadeToBlack said.

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My negs and cogs are the WORST. No wonder I just do nothing and suffer all day. I went from a A student with a future to someone just chain smoking. As a math major, I now struggle communicating and doing elementary and high school math sometimes especially with covid-19, zoom, and common core going on. I used to brag about doing math in my sleep and even while drunk. It was easy. I was no all-star or genius or prodigy or anything, but I was decent maybe even good…

I feel like I lost the only thing I had – my brain. I have nonspecific white matter defecits probably from schizophrenia, smoking, and caffeine. Not only that but I think I was tortured in college most likely by aliens or some hardcore monarch-mk ultra type crap, but nobody remembers, cares, and there’s no evidence. Nothing I can do.

So I think I’m doing okay right now. I’m sort of lucid and stable. Faith helps me a lot. I feel like there’s a big target on my back but I still talk because it keeps me sane and shows the strength of my faith and someone needs to stand up for my self and that’s me…it also is protection in case something DOES happen someday – I hope.


I feel the same.

I dont probably have sz but i have no brain damage

Try these.