Anyone with a normal brain?

ie. No anomalities

Is it possible to have sz with a normal brain

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Then I was misdiagnosed

Why so?..

Because my brain scan was normal

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My brain scan came back normal

Reliable tests for sz are still in their infancy. It’s common for scans to fail to reveal brain abnormalities in sz sufferers.

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My brain scan, they said it was normal, don’t know if they meant normal like everyone else or normal sz

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It’s possible to have a normal brain and schizo at the same time, a friend of mine went for CT and MRI scan which both returned normal but he hear voices

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I don’t think they found anything abnormal in my scan either.

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I have a normal brain too. No abnormalities.

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I think if there were to develop some change it would be over time. It’s probably reflective of the extent of the illness I.e. The worse hour sz the worse the changes especially untreated.

As long as you’re young and successfully being treated maybe you wouldn’t see much change at all

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I have a normal brain.

It’s more likely nutrient deficiency like potassium for me. Better get a thorough blood check.
Also, medications can deplete nutrients.
Seroquel and rispeldal probably made me hypokalemic.

Brain scans don’t always show abnormalities with psychotic disorders including schizophrenia.

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My scan came back normal as well

You can have a normal brain scan and still have mental illness, including schizophrenia

I really don’t know. If my brain has healed. Never got a brain scan.