Does someone know this kind of obsessive thought?

Does someone have this kind of thought? For example, if I take a decision, I think this decision should change my life radically. If I choose to be a physician, I should just read, listen and watch things related to medicine. If I choose a religion, I should just read, listen and watch things related to this religion. These thoughts make me wear blinkers (blinders). Please, make questions about these thoughts if need to.


Kinda like it’s all or nothing?

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Yeah, it’s kinda it’s all or nothing. 8 or 80.

I used to get them a lot when I was smoking weed. Like I had to learn to draw amazingly right now, or make music really well or something. I realize that’s impossible now though. Everything takes time, patience and consistency.

And effort…

What kind of effort should I do?

This is how I see the world, and always have. My friends from my teens called my thinking “all or nothing” and “black and white”. I can, however, make some insane stuff happen when I really actually want and/or need something. Like college, I killed that ■■■■, now I am like punch-drunk from the adrenaline I was running off of, also the coping methods I used, which were pretty toxic.

I am serious about law school. Studying all day is pointless right now because the test to get in is 1. easy and 2. in june. I am looking for work in restaurants right now. Well, that just means I will probably do it. I know the financial side of it wont bottom out.

guess it would have been great for something like the military, do or die.

Nice dude. I want things to turn out like that for me

But I don’t think the thoughts that I got come from a healthy perspective. These thoughts make me wear blinkers1

Well man, it is a shitty story no matter how amazing a schizophrenic life is. I mean seriously, the pain is incredible. I sometimes forget that it is all in my head, and then it gets to me, I become really paranoid, it is just shitty.

I am a “recovering” or “highly functioning” schizophrenia patient, and for what I do try my hand at, I do in fact excel because of my hypomania. I mean no ■■■■, dude, I have done things like repetitively lift 500lbs off the floor, beat heavyweights in boxing, graduate top of a class at uni, but the truth is, I always end up alone in front of a computer trying to make something happen, just trying to whip up more time outside the graveyard.

■■■ man this kind of thinking is what leads me to drinking. Might just go and grab a 40oz. I don’t have ■■■■ to wake up for except therapy tomorrow morning, but I have to quit going to therapists because my parents wont pay for them.

Just remember…people love nothing more than to hate. We are hated people. Because of our diagnosis, we are extremely likely to be abused. People don’t abuse lawyers, that is suicide. Well, driving me to suicide will be returned with me being a suicide-porcupine. Most people dont dare to touch porcupines.

I would know this because people always told me I had no power, what I said was just insane, now with my education in psychology, they can’t, and with an education in law, they won’t, and then I will just speak for people with our crappy lot in life as a mental health lawyer. I am a manipulative and cunning person, it is a good thing I mean to plot about helping people I truly empathize with. That is beside the point, the point is, be careful what you wish for- I am a monster.

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Honestly I wish I had a bit of productive mania so I could go back to college. I empathize with you though. Those are impressive feats

Just ask for ADHD meds or antidepressants. Wellbutrin is quite the upper, Adderral is heavy â– â– â– â– . Either one would have you doing stuff without pounding coffee and cigarettes.

Yeah I got off invega recently cause I couldn’t get hard and I grew titties. I’m just on lexapro and I slept like 5 solid hours last night and I’m not that tired

they do not, but what is less healthy is trying to change them and then failing repeatedly at that, when you could just accept them and put them to virtuous actions. Like for example, if you just get hellbent on saving the planet, you will probably end up working in gardens and living independently.


I might need an add med or a benzo or something to actually be productive

Well, if you tried invega, I would try something like Abilify, ask for a “third generation antipsychotic” or something old school like a “low dose of haldol”. I wouldn’t ■■■■ with geodon. If lexapro had you sleeping 5 hours, then Geodon will make you straight up insomniac. By the way, lexapro is garbage, Wellbutrin is the ■■■■.

I take low dose of haldol and wellbutrin.

But they make think things like: “I believe in God now, so I shouldn’t talk to atheists.” Accepting these thoughts is okay, living them is not.

Haha dope. Ive taken ability but I could not stop moving when I was on it

well, how about what the pope says about atheists- like the whole “treat others as you would want to be treated” thing. Atheists don’t deserve punishment, and if they do, it aint your job.

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Might try Wellbutrin though