Delusional obsession/over valued idea

Do you find that when one delusional obsession/ over valued idea fades it is replaced by another ? For years it was over wanting a sex change but now it is over the issue of being gay although at 57 i have only had one hetero relationship which was good (although i was sexually inept) and no gay relationships.
When you are prone to delusional obsessions(?) it is hard to tease out what you really want and what the mindfuck is telling you you want.
It can be so hard to know one’s own mind.


Yes. It gets to me that just when I think I have it under control, there is another loose end in my brain that unravels and grows into something I have to try and untangle all over again.

I also find that my delusions seem to weave together into one epic story that couldn’t possibly be true and makes no sense or they come to horrifying conclusions that take a lot of therapy to knock down.

There is one that I know will never leave me, no matter how many meds, how much therapy, I have one that will be in my heart for the rest of my days. I just have to live with it and work around it. I’m lucky it’s more confusing then harmful.

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the trick is not to “know” your mind, but “be” your mind. do not label it, or categorize it, or accept limits on it. the mind is unnecessary noise; the senses and the eyes are where reality is, always.

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Huh…i just go with my head but i dunno is sexual orientation is delusional…im recovered on meds and Im bisexual…which isnt normal

i used to but not so much these days. i think i am at the end of the delusional bollocks. i now have to contend with the physical threats of being given strokes in the broccas and wernickes and any other areas. heart attacks, out of body rapes, out of body personality breaking my neck and leaving me tetraplegic…u name it, it’s threatened and all because i know a secret and i was raped by someone famous at 15 years old and it was covered up. they tried to make me look like a schiz and commit suicide but it didn’t and won’t happen. the delusions they put in worked for a while but i saw through them so now it;'s the physical threats. i’m not telepathic with either the living or the dead, i’m not gonna get chopped up after i die, i won’t b trapped in a decaying body when i die, i’ve never killed anyone with time travel, there r no other dimensions accessible after death that i can go to and start again, nobody jacked my body from another dimension that used to b a spy, the general public cannot hear my every thought and want me dead, i do not live in a hologram on a space ship, i did not clone my family or anyone else on a space ship, i did not invent the space ship that crashed in roswell in 1947… i am simply a rape victim by somebody famous and it was covered up and they want to not go to prison. so if i do have a stroke or heart attack u’ll know why. i am not a schiz, just been made to look like one so that i cant testify against them and tell their secrets to the world plus other interested parties…

I have this, I’ve gone through three in a few months but they all are evolved around my deepest engrained delusions they all go back to them. I’m exhausted from it because once I gain logic I feel so tricked and devastated that it wasn’t real. When I’m off meds I lose everything but even on meds I get these little delusions that slowly grow and take over my life, then I’ll come out of that anxiety and I will realise it wasn’t real it was just my brain again. It hurts but I’m going to take challenging seriously as I think meds have done everything they can do. I’ve been on the most effective meds for a year but I think because my psychosis went untreated I’m left this way,I need to challenge and I need to grow.

on the path in the self, one must face their demons. which makes it sound more difficult then it proves to be when it is done. make the scary things of null effect. sometimes, acceptance of a thing (a thought or feeling) renders understanding, where resistance of the thing only reinforces its hold on you. when you fear being devoured; become the devourer.