Does schizophrenia leads to depression and then to suicide?

I fear that I become suicidal again even on meds because my case hasn’t improved since I was diagnosed and put on antipsychotics. My severe negative symptoms never improved. I stay in bed all day everyday in bed. In bed I am either sleeping or on this forum. I don’t know for how long I can keep my grip on the train of life.

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I hope things get better for you


I am 30 y.o. and already tried suicide 4 times, two were nearly successful.

Hey @Aziz , if you start getting suicidal ideation then you should tell your psychiatrist asap.

Depression could cause it but I’m no expert.

I have a lot of negative symptoms but abilify has an antidepressant effect so I don’t seem to mind them as much.

I know you can’t take abilify though so the best thing is to talk to your doctor. They might even switch meds.


The meds makes the negative symptoms worse

If you are thinking suicidal thoughts, @Aziz, you really need to be talking to your pdoc about it all. You’ve attempted suicide many times before. That means you are at very high risk for a completed suicide. You must notify your pdoc or call 911 or a Suicide Hotilne if your are at all suicidal. Please!

My 30 year old son died of suicide. He was sz. I DON’T want you to follow him. Please get help! Please call 911 or the suicide crisis line for your country.


depression is common with sz, which can lead to suicide. Psychotic can lead to paranoia and often lead to violence usually directed at others. U should get help if you have any combination of the two.

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Some people get paranoid and depressed because of nutritional deficiencies. You should see a doctor who specializes in that.

I spoke with my parents about it and I am better.

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I take Wellbutrin for depression. It works so well that I don’t think of myself as depressed unless I forget to refill my scrip.

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Yeah I think I will ask my psychiatrist about it this week.

Change is hard but not impossible.
Isn’t there something you can do?

Hell, even when I was in the hospital for 8 months and out of my mind I went on 15 minute walks when they let me.


Do you have anything positive that you can focus on? I think your medications are not optimized. Also I hope you don’t drink alcohol or do any drugs…

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I’m with @77nick77 . Exercise helps. It’s hard to get started but set some goals and just do it. It’s like that old Nike ad. You just have to lift yourself up and start somewhere. 30 minutes a day…start slow but increase heart rate gradually…walk. You posted you were doing some steps. That is how I started and now I’ve lost 10kgs and I’m jogging.

You are a valuable person and I enjoy your posts on here @Aziz. Hope you feel better soon and please don’t do anything to harm yourself.

I’m sorry you struggling so much with negative symptoms. I struggle a lot too but being married I have to be there for my husband and it’s not easy. I want to write and paint but haven’t been able to. I’m so f***ing dead.

I have a suggestion for you but I don’t know if it will work because it’s like saying to myself I must write and paint - its not easy. But from what I remember you said you like to fix and tinker with computers. Is it not possible to take in and fix others computers for a little income from home?

Just a suggestion…:blush:

You have such lucid and interesting and scientific posts I’d hate to see you go. Look after yourself and never give up. We’re all here for each other.

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I agree with what the other posters are saying. Tell your pdoc asap.

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I fix them for my family members like uncles, cousins, brothers, etc they don’t pay me. Before sz I worked at BestBuy in computers section but now I can’t even volunteer.

No I don’t since a year and a half since I stopped Abilify, weed and alcohol.

I can only walk at home but now I lost motivation even for that.

Contact your doctor ASAP @Aziz
Having suicidal thoughts is no joke.