Does prozac effective for ocd?

Does any ocd patient tried before?how was the outcome?

Prozac did nothing for me! I didn’t even notice it but I don’t have ocd!

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Thanks for feedback.but i m looking for obsessions particularly

Zoloft was super good but I felt so good it made me feel super paranoid and psychotic

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Yes! 1515151615

İ just took one and its really lessen my suicidal ideation and obsession i think.but i m not sure.if i handle this health obsessions and suicidal ideation it will be super good.

Prozac works ok for obsessing but the best med for Ocd is fluovoximine or clomipramine. Both of these drugs have been approved day the FDA for the treatment for OCD. I don’t have OCD but I do have obsessing problems which I take fluovoximine for.

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Thanks for feedback.i just took one prozac and it lessen my suicidal ideation and obsession drastically.i think i will go for prozac because it s not much interaction with my current aps.thanks again.

I take it for intrusive thoughts and it works really well I think. I stopped taking it once and they were a lot worse, definitely better for me to be on it.

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