Does Latuda help you lose weight when switching from another AP?

I’ve started taking Latuda and want to know if by switching from Olanzapine to Latuda if I would lose weight? I’ve gained so much weight on olanzapine and want to get the weight off by switching to Latuda. Besides being overweight, I want to be up more and not be so drowsy and actually participate in life so that is really why I’m taking it.

Didn’t you want your account deleted?

Yes I do, but would still like to use my account until it’s deleted in 2 weeks.

Primarily you need meds that help your positive symptoms.

You seem to have classic paranoid delusions that you can’t escape and continually want others to confirm for you. We are mostly schizophrenics who’ve recovered enough to get through those things so you ask these questions…

Shouldn’t the question be…medications that bite into my paranoid delusions? It’s simple for us I know but your struggling with simple things and that is the problem…you don’t need to be worrying about side effects> Live with them if they stop you thinking you’ve implanted tech that doesn’t exist. That people watch you on tv. They are simple paranoid delusions and we know that…simply from experience.

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Thankyou. You are making a lot of sense. The olanzapine didn’t do anything for my positive symptoms. It just gave me a calming effect. It did keep me calm, but it didn’t stop the tv from talking about me. I hope the Latuda works for me. I do see that some of the voices I hear are coming from no where, it’s like it’s just coming out of the air, so maybe I just need to give the medicine a chance to work. Hopefully it does. Thanks.