Anyone switched from olanzapine to latuda?

I’ve put on 20kg on olanzapine and my psych wants to change me to latuda but people have told me I won’t be able to sleep on it and I’m so scared. Has anyone any experience with this switch? Feel like I’m stuck with either diabetes or insomnia!

Different people can respond to the same medication in different ways. I haven’t switched from olanzapine to Latuda, but I have been on both medications. I think it is worth trying. If it doesn’t work you can switch back.

Latuda didn’t give me insomnia but I was at my worst on it. It made me talk to myself and have delusions.

Latuda didn’t do anything for me, and psychiatrists are pushing Latuda big time now because the patent is about to expire. It may work for you, everyone is different.

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Latuda did absolutely nothing for me. I thought it was a placebo

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I put on 35 kilos on Olanzapine and my doctor moved me to Latuda. It worked well for 18 months, then I got akathisia. I was unlucky, but you might not be. It’s a much kinder drug than Olanzapine.

If you’re outside of the US, I’d also recommend Amisulpride

I was switched from olanzapine to latuda.

Olanzapine did help me I believe.
It was sedating and I almost drewled and felt very stagnated and slow but it did help me I believe.
I put on 24 kg on it so my other psychiatrist put me on latuda instead.
They startedme on 40 mg but then another psychiatrist put me on 120 mg latuda and I was really doing well so I’m down to 80 mg now.
When I was first put on 120 mg I got severe jaw clenching and it really hurt and was tense and I could t relax.
It was so awful I was ready to swap medication but my psychiatrist told me to hold out a little longer while my body got used to the dose and the side effects just went away by them self thankfully.
Benzotrap did not take away side effects nor did Antanax.

I think both olanzapine and latuda helped me but I had less weight gain on latuda.
I am really well and stable on latuda now.

Are you only on latuda?

Yes.only latuda.

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