Does it sound like arthritis?

My leg mainly hurts after I’ve been lying in the bed a while. It doesn’t hurt when I lie flat on my back or on my right side. (Left leg hurts) It hurts a while after I get up. I walk with a limp. But after I move it a while, it stops hurting mostly.

What do you think? Arthritis?

I think if you move around more that feeling will go away. I sometimes get that when I lie in bed too long.

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I might add the pain is mainly in the knee.

The doctor at the walk-in Med Express said she thought it was arthritis, and my pdoc said the same thing. No X-Rays have been taken of my knee.

Arthritis usually hurts in the joints, not so much the whole leg, I have it bad and as far as pain in the legs go’s, it is my knees that hurt

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Tomorrow I’m going back to Med Express and get them to X-Ray my to see if it’s arthritis. Back in December 2007 I injured my knee walking from downtown to west Little Rock. Maybe 15 miles.

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