Does it sometimes tick you off when

Does it sometimes tick you off when other people are being understanding?

I know it shouldn’t… but for now… it does.

I had a bit of hard day yesterday… terrible nights sleep… really bad dreams… triggered some sleepwalking…

Woke up… most of the food is missing or hidden around the house. (some of it I threw outside)

My sis is being very understanding and simply cleaning up after my hard night.

I should be glad she doesn’t over-react… but it’s still bugging me.

I know it’s going to be a hard day for me… I’m feeling a glitch coming on. Damn glad it’s my day off…

I won’t be understanding with you than :smile:
You should be grateful your sister is like that!

(But seriously, it ticks me off when people tell me compliments, I don’t know why I should appreciate those things, sometimes I like it, other times I just feel my ego is being brushed and it annoys me)

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I am… my kid sis is my best friend…

I get in over my head with the guilt pretty easily.

If she said something… I’d be ticked… if she didn’t say anything I’d be ticked…

Got myself in a no-win boat.

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I’m more of a drill sargent with most people I come into contact with if I sniff out a problem and want to bring it into the light. Sometimes we just need a little nudge that sets us straight. But I might across too domineering, and that isn’t the intention.

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It’s mild irritability, I get that too.
Sometimes my mom repeats herself, that ticks me! I just say “You said that already” and she doesn’t remember. I have to remind myself that it’s normal for people her age to start to get forgetable and brush off the irritability.

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