How often do you think of your meds as being a problem

I can never stop thinking about being on meds and how much of a problem to me it is. From when I wake, through the day until I go to sleep. My life would be so much better if I didn’t have to take them.

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I kind of resent my med’s because they rob me of so much strength, but I know I have to take them. Every time I have gotten off my med’s it hasn’t worked out. I’m very glad of the atypical anti-psychotics because they are so much easier to tolerate than the typicals. Mentally, where I am isn’t bad. I hate being so weak physically, though.


well all the time last time I came off my Seroquel I thought omg I am completely nuts without them but it WASNT my un medicated self it was withdrawals from a drug that make even sane people have psychosis from when they withdraw.
that makes me want to try again.

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I don’t really mind them. They give me an occasional feeling of lock jaw and td might be setting in. But I know from dropping 6 to 4 mfs that it’s is definitely easier with them somehow. I hope to work towards being symptom free but even then I would still take meds to prevent a relapse.

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I rarely think about them now. When I started taking them I was really against them, afraid of the effect, but hey I was delusional. I stopped taking them at one time and that did’nt go so well, so I take them and try not to think so much about it.

I feel like I have to mention this - I am not anti meds or anti psychiatry, this site is very pro meds.
I have been on various type of meds since childhood, I am now middle aged and my physical health has been affected from long term use of psych meds.
I do not know if I can go without an antipsychotic so I will be taking in the advice by my pdoc.
But at this point on I think that Risperdal has to go - lowering it still causes me physical issues

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This is a hard one for me… Meds can cause a deep lack of motivation… so can my negative symptoms.

Med’s can cause people to feel numb and disconnected… so can my negative symptoms.

I wasn’t very pro med… it was very hard for me to stay med compliant…

But then the latuda kicked in and all of a sudden… the negatives finally let go… I could feel again… I had energy again… I had some motivation come back…

that is when I stopped being angry about taking the meds.


I think its a very personal to the individual medication and I don’t believe in forcing people to tke meds if they don’t want to and I don’t think phyciatrists should be so med happy and not just hand them out unless really really needed.
everyone in unique and so are their medical needs.

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Blame the illness not the meds.

No. The meds make me do things. Remarkable things like have sex with six people in less than a year. And lift weights and be an ace student. Sigh. But the sex matters more. Wait. No it doesn’t. But half of my brain thinks it does. The other half calls me a ■■■■ head.

You know what, I think the meds would work better if I shoved them up my ass. Then I would not have the energy to have sex. But then I would not have the energy to make A’s.

I see a solution- have sex with the teacher so that they will give me an A! Problems solved.

I just got home from a bar with some friends. Don’t mind me, intoxicated schizophrenic psychology student weightlifter here. Speaking garbage.

But seriously take the medication. I have issues with my meds and I just deal with it. The end result is what passes as a healthy person. Well, a sexually deviant, narcissistic, bright and arrogant person…who is a little bit psychotic at times.

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Hope you don’t get psychosis ever often

I actually like the feeling of meds.
I treat it like a treat that I made it to the end of the day and they help me go to sleep too.

you know Seroquel is a drug of abuse and I think they call them 'quels
and I can get as many as I want.

Meds are something i dont want to take , who would ? , but if i dont i will get sick again. The problem of meds running down my health is a real one , my strategy is to take them at a therapeutic dose until my late 40’s early 50s ,then reduce them gradually until im on a minimal amount. But im planning to be on them in varying amounts until the day i die. For me taking a pill is not only therapeutic but its also a reality check. This is all presupposed on a longish life , but who knows ? There will be safer , better meds in the future and who knows , maybe a cure , whether they arrive in time for myself , and will be advantageous to my overall quality of life ; is anyones guess

If you feel your health is at risk , there are milder APs out their. Problem is they probably would be less effective than what you have. But if you make adjustments , they could do enough to make you sane , even barely sane maybe good enough :smile:

How old are u? Are you relative stable otherwise : are your housing needs met ? Are your parents alive ?

I seem to go on an endless cycle - glad to take meds as they make me feel better, then when I am doing well, I am unhappy with the side effects then want to go off meds then get sick then have to go on meds again, glad to take them, then when I am settled, I want to go off again. Its crazy! So half of the time meds is a problem, and half the time its not.

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i honestly don’t know what i’m like off meds and i won’t be finding out any time soon either. right now i’m ok with the med i’m on. it’s not sedating but the anti agitation med to go with it is. so i’m gonna cut the dose down and see if i can deal with it. i would rather be over active than inactive. i think my painkilers are the worst at sedation though. i would rather not take them but i have to right now at least until my ops are carried out. once i’m off tose i’ll see what my meds are like and decide whether to stay on them or change to something else. i can always go back on this one if i so chose at a later date. so far, together with the beta blocker it has the least side effects but they don’t seem to do anything for voices except maybe lower the volume. i’m either not on a high enough dose or i’m just having another quiet period irrespective of meds. don’t know.

Meds have side effects. EVERY medication does. My meds are not a problem for me…my schizophrenia IS a problem, however. Meds help solve that.