Does having psychosis once mean you have schizophrenia?

I just don’t understand how it could be schizophrenia. My psychosis started during the period of time where I started smoking weed heavily and I just slipped. I’ve had some social anxiety growing up due to bullying but never any symptoms of schizophrenia negative or positive. It just crept up on me over three months until I was fully in psychosis.


You could try going off meds once you have been stable for awhile and see how you do but be careful to watch for symptoms

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I don’t know. I think it has to last 6 months for sz diagnosis but I don’t know about how many times

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What’s your status now?

Psychosis NOS is what the doctor calls it


That was my diagnosis before I stopped my meds and got another psychosis. Then it was changed to sz. My psychiatrist told me before stopping my meds that if I get another psychosis it will be changed to sz.

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I thought the symptoms had to be present for six months.

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They do I believe. Some drs still write it as sz though.

Officially I’m not sz but a hospital dr wrote sz and so it’s a bit confusing for me, I don’t meet the timespan requirements either


I was diagnosed with drug induced psychosis as a teenager. But I kept having episodes after that even without drugs and living a healthy lifestyle. My episodes consisted of depression/mania and delusions, hallucinations. So I was eventually rediagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.


How do you know that you have psychosis?

Because I slowly broke from reality after smoking pot consecutively.

can you describe breaking from reality?

what kind of things did you think?

It is >1 month of symptoms and >6 months of signs of the disorder (not necessarily symptoms). Once is enough.


I have psychotic depression but my PD is chronic. The only difference is that my psychosis mostly occurs when I am depressed. Otherwise it would have been sza.

I’ve had psychosis 4 times and have been ill for atleast three months before, however I currently have no sz symptoms. I differ from a lot of people, because I only get symptoms when I am hospitalized. Even though I am in another remission phase, I still consider myself Schizophrenic after 4 episodes.

It’s a big guessing game with these psychiatrists.
There are no valid tests to diagnose psychotic disorders or any other mental illness.

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stop doing drugs. i would contest the sz diagnosis or ask for a second opinion.

This is what happened to me too

i think you can get diagnosed sz with one episode if the episode lasted long enough.