Does googling things up a good way to find out about my illness

I’m always looking up stuff on google like things that I’m going through why I hear voices why I think a lot why I have a mental illness and everything that is happening but sometimes I never really get the answers I want can anyone sorta explain what is happening to me?

If anyone could give a concrete answer as to why exactly we experience the things we do they’d win a nobel prize. The internet is a treasure trove of resources but some of those resources can be inaccurate and just bad. So be careful.

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You’re right but oh well I’ll try my best to keep living

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Google is the worst place to look. Some sites are legit but many arnt so always ask a pro for a good source.


There are some very good sites online, you just have to know where to go.

At the same time there are some pretty awful sites out there on the web.


insight into your illness is always a good thing as long as its accurate, i picked up things from here and there along the way, just basic things like what are the symptoms and stuff like that, i also went to college for a while to learn mostly psychology and counselling but i was unable to progress.

maybe @SzAdmin can offer some good sites to visit for information on sz

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The best place is just the news section of this forum. Anything new and relevant is almost always posted there.

The whole reason this site was created is because schizophrenia is typically not covered well in most sites. We tend to use the more science-based sites like these:

There is a lot of crap on the internet - so stick with the science-backed, research-backed sites.