Does anyone wish they never posted any photos of themselves on this or via this website

I do.

Wish I was still anonymous. Yes I have deleted them but hey, you guys still seen them.

Feels more liberating to be anonymous. Good on you guys who have remained that way. I recommend you keep it that way.

Idk if I will stay here. Said it 100 times. But just feeling paranoid cos I’ve exposed myself so much.

Don’t worry about it. I doubt anyone remembers. I know I forget faces quickly from photos.

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I felt paranoid two days ago aswell!

Next morning I felt better…

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Well, I don’t think there is much that is going to happen because of it, so I guess I am ok with it.

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That’s a good way to think about it

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Either way, I’m never posting photos of me again. I want u all to forget who I am. Hopefully no one has copied my photos :crazy_face:

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It’s a shame, I like it when people post their photos.

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I like it too, I used to enjoy it myself too, but feeling too dam paranoid.

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Are you worried someone you don´t like is stalking?

Or it´s just a general feeling?

I don’t post my face, only food, bcz what if someone here saw me in real life and is from the same city?
I would hate that.

I don’t feel like anyone is stalking me, I dunno how to explain what it is without feeling uncomfortable

Did u feel some1 was maybe stalking you?

Sometimes One Feels Lost,

Sometimes One Feels Disconnected,

Sometimes One Feels Without,

And as Pink Floyd Says, ‘With or Without, That’s What The Fighting’s All About’… . … :100:

Yes, not a full blown paranoia but yes, people I know.

What does Pink Floyd mean by that. I’m a bit sloooow

Glad you are feeling better now

It is, (I Find), to Be Self Explanatory, @anon90843118,

But if it isn’t to You, or Anyone Else.

Feel Free to Examine All You Own.


All Those Who Have Not Even Anything Near to What You Possess.

@ATARI you are my spirit animal!

Which Means You Like Spiders,

And Frogs,

And Crickets,

And Lizards,

And Birds,

And Moths,

And Fish,

And Kit Kits!,

AND PUPS (!!!)… . … :100:

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OK I think I get it now. Kinda basically about perseverance.regardless of circumstances

Thankzz for explaining the obvious haha