If someone got hold of my photos of this forum

And they were evil.

They could create a whole album on me

And put it online. And such.

I think I’ve posted about a hundred photos of me.



lol dont worry. Its almost autumn when i always have a breakdown…maybe youre just feeling more paranoid

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Hmm. . .

Maybe If You Felt Inspired To. Within That Inspiration You Could Post 100 More?.

Perhaps That Evil Person Could Create 2 Albums On You?.

With Linear Notes Of How Truly Remarkably Great, Fun, And Hopeful You Are To Everyone?.

Jus Thoughts I Admit.


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Just don’t let Joe Goldberg find them :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as you use fake names it’s mostly anon

You could delete them all as well


It’s OK, you can always say that you haven’t got sz, just psychosis nos.


That’s what I sometimes worry about that also but I try to say to myself that its ridiculous and why they would be so concerned with me. I’m not a celebrity or someone important nor do I have anything they actually want.

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Not really paranoid, just wondering if anyone would do such a thing.


I’m okay I guess.

Still have infinite things to learn :nerd_face:

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That was such a cool series. I’m not usually into TV but I did watch that…

I have deleted them.


Moderators and such can get hold of them.

And if someone is able to hack this site and get hold of my photos.


I’m more thinking about if someone hates me. Idk.

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Once deleted there is no back up on the sites servers… I hope


I think that it’s possible to access the deleted stuff. I mean the Moderators can.

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Everything has a risk/benefit ratio. Everything can be analyzed as possibly helpful, possibly harmful.

My family is concerned about my postings on line. I’m concerned about the loss if I don’t post.

I have benefited from seeing your photos here, @LittleMissSlothy. I feel like I know you a little better.


There is a company called clearview.ai that has scraped billions of images from the Internet and uses them with their facial recognition technology. They probably have some of your photos.

I wouldn’t worry, I’ve been posting pictures of myself on the Internet since the 90’s. No one ever stalked me, but maybe I’m not worth stalking, lol.

Other people have posted pictures of me on Facebook they took in public school and high school and from my childhood so having my picture on the Internet is outta my control anyways.

But I guarantee you there are companies and probably governments that have some of your photos in their database.

If they did that you just call the police, they would get a hold of the web hosting company and have it taken down.


I don’t think a few photos of you on a bus would do any harm, unless they could see out of the bus and figure out where you lived.


The only pictures of myself I upload are pictures of my stupid face.
If someone wanted to put those pictures in an album and write “look at that stupid face”, well then that says more about them than me.


I think I remember her saying she lives in Germany or the UK or something in an old post, i can’t remember though. That information could help someone track her down.

Huh so what can they do with my pics?

I mean it’s just if I could choose i would rather my face wasn’t all over Google images or such.

But ya never know in this world what’s gonna happen!

Police and government agencies use it to track down criminals. So don’t commit any crimes and you’ll probably be fine, lol

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