Curious about budgeting

Has anyone tried the budget where money for each thing gets put in a jar (such as putting money for food in one jar, gas in another jar, cigarettes, take out, etc). I’d just like to try something different.

I’d be open to other ideas as well.

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For months I tried budgeting when I lived by myself. My method was to get some notebook paper and write down neatly all my income, and all my monthly expenses. My monthly income was my SSDI and my earnings from my job. My expenses were food, gas, credit card payment, internet service, TV service, entertainment, miscellaneous.

I kept all my receipts during the month in a tray in my chest of drawers.

Ofv course the goal was not to live above my means.

Each month I would sit down with my receipts and write down where I bought something and how much it cost. So I had a full piece of paper with categories; for instance: fast food restaurants, grocery’s purchases I made at the drug store, CD’s, clothes, kitchen supplies, utensils, etc. So I had basically every amount of money I spent in a months period with the names of stores and a list of purchase I made at each one.

Anyways, I could see at a glance my monthly bills and also all the extra crap I bought. I’m making this sound hard but it was really not that difficult. It’s pretty basic, it took about a half hour out of each month to do this. I could see exactly where my money went and where I wasted money and plan ahead to not waste money.

Anyways, the last step was comparing how much money I brought in to how much I spent. And then try to make sure I cut out all the wasteful, unnecessary spending.

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That’s a good plan for :heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag:

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