Being overdrawn and the bank and going in with our big change jar

“We can’t give you cash, Sheri, but we can put it into your account.”

You fu-ck-ers!

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just to pay overdrawn fees. ahh sh-it.

I’m always broke but I do it in style.

Nothing is more comforting to me than a full tank of gas, and a full fridge. It usually means I’m ‘up’ for a change.

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you sound like my man.

I know to get a free box of food.

they love me in there since I’ve given old stuff from my kids.

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single women raising kids did okay, Earned Income Tax Credit,
but then the kids are grown and gone, and nothing.
I got Phil though, and my doggie business, and we make it somehow.


Thats a complete arse when that happens. Im trying not to use my overdraft, cos the banks getting shitty im always using it - even tho its cleared every 14 days.

Yet 5 months ago - they were offering to increase it. Its all about the stupid credit scores, i even went down 30 points cos i wasnt using any credit for a while on the cards.

Stupid bloody system.

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Full tank of gas and a full larder.

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Maybe i make more money opening another bank account :thinking:.

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