Does anyone use amitriptyline?

If so what dosage and does it make a difference?

Omg I don’t remember the dosage but I did take it for a while. I couldn’t handle the euphoria. Also it made me have wet dreams. Strong medicine.

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My mother took it for clinical depression and ocd. It helped her quite a bit. Do not know the dose.

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I’m on it for sleep. 50mgs

I just got put on it

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My husband and son use it. Husband for nerve issues and son for migraine. They take it before bed.

I’ve taken 10 mg to get to sleep before

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That drugs a weird one, some people love it or some people hate it, I’ve never really say anyone say “yeah its ok” eg. Personally I dont like it, They told me it help with anxiety. all it did was make me feel like a zombie all day. So i switched back to benzos again, i use etizolam or diazepam during the day and nitrazepam at night. I did think the amitriptyline would be good for at night instead of using two benzos every day. It did get me to sleep but apparently on two seperate occasions my ex woke up and i was out the bed, jusrt looking in the fridge one time and the other time walking along the hall. She had to shake the ■■■■ out of me cos I wasn’t responding to her talking. I dono if its just me this happens with but thats the only two times ive sleepwalked in my life (that I know off) . I handed the rest of them back into the pharmacy. I’ll never take one of those things again.