Do you take a sleep aid?

I was on 2.5 my zyprexa for sleep but was depressed so I started sleeping day and nighttime too. My ap is Latuda, 120 mg. Last night I slept 7 and a half hours without it. I had been having trouble getting through the night without the sleep aid and tired all day. I look forward to talking to my therapist later today. She’s okay. It’s usually too much sleep or not enough. Latuda doesn’t make me too hungry or too tired. I’m fine mods thanks for encouraging me to call the crisis centers last night but I have the local number here and call every month or week just to talk.


I take 12.5 mg of clozapine as a sleep aid. If I still can’t fall asleep I take more.

I take 25-50 mg of Promethazine for sleep

I just take 150mg of L-theanine before bed and that knocks me out.

Quetiapine 300-400 mg . Im usually asleep within the hour.

Its of course mainly for psychosis at that dose - but its a bonus i get a good kip off it.

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I might be starting that drug but I am worried about it :anguished:

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I like it - been on it for years. It will make you drowsy tho. So you will probably have it at night if its a high dose. Im on 25mg x2 during the day as well for psychotic anxiety.

Its great for calming you down.

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My combo of Quetiapine 500mg, Fluvoxamine 200mg and Sodium Valporate 1g knocks me out to the moon.

It’s very good for sleep.


That’s reassuring thank you! I will have to wait to see what the pharmacist will say about my meds before I start it, as the psychiatrist said he didn’t have time to go through my records

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I am hoping to start trazodone tonight if the pharmacy gets it in.

My partner told me to take some valium to sleep. I replied, what for ? I am crazed already. I sleep when I am tired. But eventually I took the valium and slept.

I take 1.5mg of clonazepam for sleep.

My AP is 60mg of Lurasidone but it doesn’t make me sleepy

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