Does anyone think that they will be on AP medication for life

Will your pdoc one day at old age take you off the meds.

I would like to hope “no”, but probably will. :hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog:

I’m sure I’ll be on them for life. I go psychotic when I even try to lower the dose. My pdoc and I tried it earlier this year and I ended up psychotic while still on 20 mg of Haldol. Had to go back up to 30 and it took several weeks to balance out again.

It’s not worth it. I stay on my meds.


Yes… hopefully better ones in the future.


I love my life now that I have pretty much found the med I want for life…fluphenazine…generic Prolixin. No need to stop.

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Yup I will be for life

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My doc needs my meds more than me. Poor guy. I’ll keep trying to help him, I won’t give up on him.


I plan to be on them for the rest of my life. I struggle intensely with med changes. Actually, I stopped taking my modafinil for a few weeks and even that set me off!

I don’t know for sure, but i have prepared myself for the reality of taking them from now on. I don’t anticipate anything changing anytime soon.

i hope once i hit the two year mark to be off them im schizoaffective bipolar type with good prognostic features

Lol, I laughed a lot at it!

Answering the thread: I do not know.

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Yes I’ve been off most of my life and I know what my life is like on and off the meds I know this will never magically go away I am on an AP unless a cure is found.

I have tried coming off again recently, and I doubt it will happen again.

I managed to get some Lorazepam now, so I hope that will help whilst they kick back in.

If I am not much better by Monday, I am asking for Haldol as prn

My pdoc and social worker both say I will be on them for life, that seems like such a long time as I’m only 20.

Most likely will be on some type of medication until I die,
8 years of having this just doesn’t lie.

Yeah i know how it feels

If they continue to make me feel like a human instead of a shattered bit of glass I hope I am on them for life.


I don’t know. APs are contraindicted to people with dementia. I have memory problems and occasional confusion. I’m supposed to get a neuropsych evil to see if I have early onset dementia but I can’t afford it. Insurance doesn’t pay for that. But if the doctors decide I have that later in life then I don’t know if I can take APs after that. But dementia aside, I think I need APs and an antidepressant for life.

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Yeah I am a lifer. My doc graciously allowed me to try coming off the depot. But 4 months later life was ■■■■.

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The last time I came off them I made it 4 days so I am pretty sure I am a lifer. But I don’t want to be.