Does anyone think about the universe, and how lucky we are to be on earth?

The universe is so f@cking huge bro its so hard to comprehend, where just a particle. Omg, we so lucky, if we are the only life forms in the universe, We have to appreciate everything to the fullest man, seriously, people in this world are so ungrateful, selfish, negative, hateful. People dont even realize even comprehend how lucky were are to alive in this world called earth, in are just in the sweet spot for life to exist, a little to far, too cold, little to close to hot. Its just right. Imagine all the other dangers in the universe we could be facing right now in this very moment, but were are safe from them, there must be a creator that loves us their has to be man. seriously no joke aside.

Yea dude like totally, like yea, so amazing bro, like its nice, what a great place, so lucky.

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Thanks, i can’t talk religion here because it will get closed so sorry yea im very grateful everything in my life because of something i cant say because of guideline heres so i have to be careful of i comment it might get closed

I think the universe is okay, nothing special.

I think I’m scared of dying

And life is difficult when you are trying to recover from addiction

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How can I stop being scared of dying.

If I could do that I would like the universe more.

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But yea I agree with you there is something pretty cool about it,…!!!,…!!

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I was scared too of dying in my sleep, this what i did you can follow it if you want, i put all the facts down in paper, the reason why you wouldn’t die, like im healthy, the body is design to live, i excercise, i have good blood pressure stuff like you know, i hope this helps your fear of dying. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thanks friend

but i am talking about dying when i am in old age

i don’t know why i just can’t think about it

that would be helpful, ha

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o okay i didn’t understand, how old are you if i dont mind asking but your young nothing worry about, thats long ways away, enjoy your life to maximum, thats i do everyday, its not worth to worry about small things, life is too short. forget the negative people, haters. Focus on you. Thats all that matters in life thats what i learn. people try to bring you down to their level because they are jealous of your achievements, so they try to get some satisfaction but hating on you, they have some twisted mindsets. I read this online. theres people here that hate me because im trying to become a beast meaning, a better person, more positive, healthier, stronger, faster and learning more. and they hate that for some reason i don’t know why. so they bring hate or negative comments in the picture to make feel bad it doesn’t work though lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I just laugh at them their wasting their time. thats all.

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