Does anyone talk to themselves out loud

Try it, see how it goes.

You’ve indicated that it gets somewhat better with meds - is that just the visions, or the sensations, or the voices too?

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I used to talk way too much because I was usually alone, but now I’ve learned to silence myself…and that keeps a leash on those silly voices long enough divert me to something more positive…

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As a kid, I talked to myself a lot. I read books aloud (I was an early reader, so at the time I was capable of reading silently, but chose not to), had conversations with toys / “ghosts” / houses / nature, made up songs, etc. This was both annoying and disturbing to relatives, so I gradually learned to keep it quiet or come up with excuses: “I’m reading to my stuffed animals”, for example.

In my teen years I made a conscious effort NOT to talk to myself out loud as often, ideally not at all, because I got teased for it. But once I stopped, my head felt full of sound, buzzing, heavy. I had to do something to quiet it. So I spent several years with headphones on and music turned up loud.

I still do this, regularly, and for all the same reasons. The voices get quiet when I talk back to them, if I do, though I don’t always like to let them know I can hear them. Laughing at them or pretending we’re all part of the same conversation can make them go silent for minutes at a time. They have started to use this against me though – now they provoke me to laugh, or try to get me to answer them, and depending on the situation I have to make a choice. People look at me oddly when I start laughing for no apparent reason, even when I try to be very quiet about it.

I read an article on a British health site that suggested talking into a mobile phone to respond to the voices? That feels so weird. I don’t like doing it. I have considered getting a hands-free / Bluetooth type transmitter, though, so that people will think I’m on the phone when I’m talking to myself.

I liked having a good gaming headset because I could talk to myself throughout a game, but only press-to-talk when I wanted to be overheard.

Talking back is a way of taking control, steering the internal conversation, but it can be exhausting, repetitive, and in the end futile. They don’t need to sleep, but I do. They don’t care if I’m on the bus or in the library, but I do. They don’t care how much I am trying to concentrate on something else – they will jump in anytime and start blabbering away. No matter what I say or do they will continue talking to me – not constantly, it’s never been constant, but in peaks and valleys.

And now my phone is broken, so I can’t even listen to music on headphones anymore.

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. I would ask them to play them numbers

I shall apply this to my routine. But solo . Nobody knows but you guys…
@bright yep

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I talk to myself out loud sometimes whenever I’m alone.

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:0 are you black

Yes, I am Black.

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My mom talks to herself and I feel like she is whispering to me. It’s like “WTF are you talking to me!?”

Yep : sometime I’m wondering if I’m really the one hearing voices, anyhow they had it coming.

As you can see I’m black

I went through an episode of ranting soliloquy’s when no one was around a couple of years ago now, it was during the worst winter on record and the whole ISIS thing was all over the news and I thought I had unwillingly set in motion the end of the world. That was the beginning of a living nightmare that hasn’t entirely ended. Talking to myself.

I still do, like if I’m playing a game I talk myself through what I’m doing. When I had someone crashing here he came out of his room once and was like “Who are you talking to?”…the game. Sometimes when I’m cooking I’ll do an Italian accent just for the hell of it. I don’t know.

Talking to myself.

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