Does anyone speak their voices out loud?

does anyone ever become one of their voices… well all of them at some point…?
im havin lotta issues right now i guess lol
but im wondering the accuracy of my diagnosis (of 4 years) of schizophrenia…

ive pondered the validity of DID aka multiple personality disorder… which i know its a real thing but i have one voic that always pops out my mouth or in my head when its brought up [and its always brought up] that always says theres no such thing…

and the voices i hear ARE outside my head, but then sometimes i hear them inside my head…
but they arent my thoughts or my internal voice they are different voices… but inside my head that i cant controll.

and they dont come one at a time they talk over top of each other constantly. or they yalk to each other oblivous to what im doing at the time.

i us we i am i us we

i hear that so many times a day it drives me crazy i dont know why maybe its me having delusions.

and idk if it is a part of schitzoprenia but i have terribe trouble with regression and being a different person… but i swear i always know who i am and what i do and according to the did info that means i cant be did. . right?

arent my voices saposed to be mean to me?
I mean i have been scolded but its more like

why dont hou listen, let me do it, i can do it, let me try, shut up, ill show you, let me do it, we tried to help, but in different voices of me at different ages and not in a theaf way more of a memememe let me way.

and when i have relly bad freak out or stress or a seizure they all talk and they all come out of my mouth.

and i growl and i hiss and i whine and i have different vocal tones and i cant stop it from happinig…

and im scared to say anything because i dont want them to send me to mental hospital got delusions.

i had that hapen once cuz i lost controll of myself to layla (cuz some of them have names so dont think im weird plz) and she rode around in my body for a few days and told everyobe i was a psycopath and i ended up in hospital

where she proceded to tell the dr. i was a psychopath and that i had had noo feelings ect… to which i nodded my head in agreement cuz at the time i felt that was true cuz i felt what she felt ut i wasnt me i was she???

to which the proceded to laugh n say delusional…
what cab i do…?
ive heard my husband talk to my family hushush about the possibility of did but it would seem they dont want to say anything over fear of me losing my disability…

and i need it vuz i cannot work cuz i cant controll the person ima be when i wake up. x.x

i only ended up with schitzoprenia diagnosis cuz the only one of me thats allowed to talk to the drs is kinda like the protector lady and she only tells them what they want to hear or the one who doesnt know that we are us we i am us we me.

what do i do???
i cant escape from my brain, but then again its not to bad… but then again i get scared cuz sometimes there is one of me that is very bad and i dont know what she knows but i know its not good…

i think im just delusional lol all that sounded stupid im sorry.

and another thing antipsycotics dont work they just make it worse, only reason i grt out of hospital is cuz i go into that one version of me that knows how to tell them what they want to hear.

and if i could just get us we me to work together instead of figting over who grts to do what ect… i dont think i would need pills except for the occasional sleeping pill or a klonopin…

somebody help me

i keep says things i dont understand.?

somebody help me?

and also yes im sober cuz i know i sound batshite x.x im not even on my pills either so its just me my brain and i goin on about wot ever at 1am yay.

and also see what hapens? i just wanted to ask a simple question and then fifty million other thoguhts come out thats not even belonging to the original question.

its friggen miserable x.x

I only speak to my voices in my mind, and they’re getting very quiet now, to where I only hear them a few times a day.

Which antipsychotics have you tried?

haldol abilify seroquil clozapine latuda zyprexza geodon i know i cant spell x.x
i cant take the 1st gen no more cuz of serious tardive reaction

and its 24 7 no matter what, unless im listining to music ots usualy pretty chill if im lisiting to music cuz it liek aligns me to myself in a way.

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