Does anyone on the forum have diagnosis of schizotypal disorder (or schizotypal personality disorder)?

Is here anyone on the forum who has a diagnosis of schizotypal disorder (or schizotypal personality) instead of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder? I am interested about life of such people, how well they function, do they have jobs, own families, get psychotropic drugs (especially antipsychotics)…

I was regularly diagnosed with schizophrenia-type disorder instead of schizophrenia for above 3 years. And I had diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome at the same moment. Most of times I also had OCD dx.

I wonder if I have schizophrenia instead of schizotypal disorder (and maybe instead of Asperger’s also). I have thoughts which look like delusions of reference since almost five years, but only for some weeks in first half of 2016 I had diagnosis of schizophrenia (unspecified or paranoid), I had no diagnosis of Asperger’s that time. I was diagnosed with schizotypal disorder first time at 27.01.2015. 28.4.2015 I was diagnosed with schizotypal disorder, mixed OCD and Asperger’s at the same time. I had also other bizarre thoughts: ideas of solipsism or being The God (very dangerous and evil thoughts, ideas, beliefs), “belief” that women do not defecate, (especially now) something which looks like delusions of messengership.

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I function really low despite the lack of diagnosis of schizophrenia now. I am afraid that I will have pathologically low income since XI 2019 because they may not prolong my social pension, ruling of total incapability of work. They may conclude that I have just partial incapacity of work. I tried to get work in security or cleaning (these works are most popular among those for people with ruling of disability), but they did not employ me. I think that my mental state is not better than 3 years ago. I have more even more “delusions” than in X 2016. I had very problematic OCD symptoms after getting social pension last time.

I’d say I have schizotypal, but I’ve never been diagnosed with it.

Schizotypal personality disorder (STPD) or schizotypal disorder is a mental disorder characterized by severe social anxiety, thought disorder, paranoid ideation, derealization, transient psychosis, and often unconventional beliefs.

Previously, I was diagnosed with psychotic depression and schizotypal personality disorder. Five years ago, the diagnosis changed to sza depressive type.

What is the difference between delusions (for example of reference) and unconventional beliefs? I have experienced something specific almost five years ago. Many “coincidences” happened in my life and I was excited due to them, sometimes I was excitated, agitated, felt really good (like in euphoria?) and had severe and loud autostimulating behaviors (which are symptoms of autism spectrum disorder).

If I believe that bad, evil-containing games from Fallout series (or their total conversion mods) contain something which is a “message” (or better “sign”) for me, does I have a delusion or schizophrenia? Or it is “just” something like unconventional belief associated with schizotypal (personality) disorder?

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