Does anyone on here take pregabalin or just benzos?

Just curious. I was on just pregabalin. I’m gonna request it in injection form. Side effect wise it’s amazing compared to antipsychotics. I feel like an idiot for being so non compliant, I literally loved that medication and STILL couldn’t stay on it.

It made me social, I was finally coming out of my shell, walking around the stores, talking to strangers. Can’t wait to get back to that.

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I just take benzos. :turtle::turtle::turtle:

I take Ativan

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I take the very occasional Ativan. Like maybe once or twice a year and I have to be in crisis before I’ll go near one because I don’t need to attend any more 12 Step programs.

I took Pregablin and I was sleepy 14 hours a day. I had to stop.

I just got a small prescription called in for a tiny dose of Klonopin. Been on it several times before with no tolerance or abuse issues.

Have not been on pregabalin. I’ve heard it’s horrid to come off.


I’m on clonazepam for 8-9 years now
I’m taking 0.5 mg …which is not too much

@shutterbug I can understand that. They kinda helped my drinking issues a lot. But I’m scared of pregabalin and benzos, you seem to know what’s up with them.

I already had no slow taper off my medications just kinda came off them. Idk I guess I’m just scared of medications at this point, benzos seem to be widely understood as more dangerous and I had a lot of problems with just the antidepressants and antipsychotics and getting off those