Does anyone live with their parents?

Anyone out there live with their parents still, and they don’t understand what you’re going through?? Fking autocorrect is ruining my life :expressionless:

I live with my parents since sz because I lost my house and jobs because of sz and it was really my best option. I’m mostly fine with it. I pay a modest rent, buy cigarettes for my mom and me, contribute to food purchases, pay my own bills and still have some money left over from disability, so it works out pretty well.

I don’t know if my parents fully understand my negatives or not to be honest.


I sadly can’t contribute near that amount… I made this thread to help people who’s parents just don’t get it. But I found a weapon (metaphorically) to make them understand was just curious. Not sure how often it actually happens @Bowens

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I live with my mom, sometimes she forgets that I have sz

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I live with my elderly father.
I moved in with my parents since losing my house during the divorce.
I am grateful for their generosity.
My father has helped me all his life and now he needs my help.
I guess I’m his caregiver now.
Both my father and especially my brother don’t really understand what I go through.


You ever hear of or read a quite room?

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I give you a lot of credit for taking care of your pops😊 @Wave


Thanks @Thaze 15554

I live with my parents and pay rent. My parents are in their 70’s now, they support me but I don’t expect them to full understand schizophrenia. I probably help them more than they help me. I cut the grass, do the grocery shopping, take them to their doctor appointments, pick up their medications, do some fixer up jobs around the house, etc… I don’t mind helping them though, I’m glad they let me live at home, I feel like I am better off here than if I moved out on my own.

I lived on residence for a year during University, it’s the only time I have moved out, there really wasn’t anything special about it. I have the same freedom living at home as I did when I lived by myself, after having that experience I lost the urge to move out and have my own place. I realize the general public may think it’s pathetic to live with you parents when you are 43 but I don’t care, I’m pretty happy here.


Well if you want them to understand try to get the. To read that book… my parents went from like almost kicking me out to crying on my shoulder they could understand it so well @Headspark

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My mom was a nurse and she has text book on the shelf from her nursing school days about psychiatric nursing. It’s old and out of date but she has some basic understanding and is sympathetic. My don’t feel like my dad understands it but he is sympathetic too. That’s good enough for me.


Yep, live with my folks. It’s a good gig – I’d be homeless without them.


I hate it but it’s w.e I guess

I get along with my folks, but yeah, I’d rather live on my own. But I’d MUCH rather live with my folks, than roam the streets.

What author is written by?

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Mmmm Laurie Schiller and Amanda Bennett @Newlyborn

No, im more dostoevsky and remarque fan


I’m saying ask your parents to read it @Newlyborn

Oh no, mym mom doesnt read

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