Living with your parents?

is it just me or do most of everyone on this forum live with their parents still?

just an observation I’ve made from reading the posts here.

how old are ya’ll? my parents kicked me out once I turned 18 and I’ve been on my own since.

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I’m 28. I lived on my own for several years but had to move back in last January.

I lived with my parents off and on until I was forty. I’ve lived in an assisted living center for the mentally ill the last fifteen and a half years.

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I’ve had all kinds of different living situations since I got diagnosed in 1980 when I was 19.

Actually, I moved out of my parents house a month after I turned 18. I lived with my older sister but I was like any other roommate. I paid my own way (rent, heating, water, etc), I did my share of cleaning and she had her own life with her friends and I had my own life with my friends.

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I moved out at 21and never looked back.
In 2016 I spent 3 months at my mom’s house caring for her after a series of surgeries, the first time spending the night since moving out.
It was so weird, considering that’s the same house I grew up in.

I moved out of my parents house at 21 almost 22. then moved back in 6 months before I turned 23 I went to the hospital and moved back in with my parents with my partner. we stayed there for a year and moved in with my in laws then again in july of 2011 I moved in with my parents but the last straw was when my parents insulted my partner and my brother sold all my stuff so we stayed with my in laws. so basically back and forth

I’ve lived away from home a couple of times. However I always seem to end up coming back for one reason or another. The reasons seem to be like though that would happen to a non-sz so I don’t know how much my illness plays a part.

I live in my stepfather’s house. He is here several months out of the year, mainly in the spring and in the fall. I had lived on my own since 1979 until 2013 when I ran out of money. I lived in institutions and with my mother since my falling ill in 1963. One hospitalization went on for 13 years-1966-1979.


26, and live with them. I don’t think I’d be alive if they weren’t generous or if they were poor. I’ve had strong negative symptoms for many years. And I’ve had big depression issues from time to time.

In a recent conference, pdoc in chief said that negative and cognitive symptoms appear late after positive ones and mainly when parental and familial support weakens when sz starts living in its own home.

I have 18 years of self support. I had to give up living alone for a while as the cops were ruining new people in the suburb where I lived in my own home for 12 years…I sold at auction as others in neighborhood ditched too after seeing the new ones who bought ruined in 1-2 weeks in the cheaper existing housing while the people buying the new housing were ignored…Neighborhood always had problems…sex abuse and attacks hidden by cops, then city employee serial killer…

I’ve had three different apartments that I’ve rented and lived in on my own. However since then I’ve been kicked out of one, and had to leave the other two due to lack of money. I’ve also relapsed on meth which caused me to lose it and I ended up back in my parents place. I work at a low paying job right now stocking shelves and I am taking about 200 to 300 dollars worth of supplements a month for a number of reason’s I’m not going to mention other than I feel I literally can’t survive without them. I’m also taking a course online so I can only work 4 days a week. So I basically can’t afford a place to live on my own right now so I’m back in with my parents. I’ve also been learning how to trade forex for the last 2 years and have been basically putting all of my hopes into that to get me out of here. I’m 31 btw and have now gotten to the the point that I feel trapped in their house and have given myself a deadline to move out by 2018.

I’m 25 and I just moved back in with my parents due to a recent break and depression. I lived on my own during college and for a few years after

I lived “at home” floundering in school and then working until I got married at 24. I got separated and lived on my own for just one year, but was trying to reconcile and got pregnant at 27. I lived with my brother and his wife for awhile before moving back in with my husband. When my son was 4 months old I moved in with my parents (I was 29) and stayed with them for 18 years.
I got remarried to my current husband and have lived with him for over three years (I’m 50 now) So, it’s been a hopscotch of mostly needing to live with other people. The time I was living alone was a good time, but financially I couldn’t have maintained it.


I moved in with my brother who was in his last year of grad school at the beginning of my Freshman year. Sophomore year I moved in with my then boyfriend. My boyfriend cheated, so I moved on to my brother’s couch. I got my own apartment with a roommate, but a hurricane destroyed it while I was in school. Then I moved in with my mom in 2008, and I’ve been here ever since.

I would like to move out, because I’m an adult and I need to live on my own. I live with her mainly, because she can’t afford to live alone right now (with her part time job). I hope she finds a decent job, so she can be more financially stable.

I lived with my parents till I was nearly 28 and soon after I got married. Ever since then I lived with my husband. Been married for nearly 5 years. Sometimes I miss living with my parents but my relationship has become stronger with them ever since I left. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess!

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I lived with my parents until I was 25 and then at age 29 I met my husband and we were married for 6 years. We got divorced and I lived alone for 2 years. I now live with my mom. I take care of her and she takes care of me.

I left my neglectful parents at 15 and was on my own until 2 years ago at 46. My dad picked me up from the mental hospital penniless and homeless. I have been staying here since. I am in college, hoping to get a degree. If I am healthy enough after my degree, I hope to get a job and move out on my own again.


I havent left home yet, I haven’t been independent enough, and to be fair I haven’t got a stable income and I can’t afford to move out. It’s becoming common in the UK that young people can’t afford to move out. My mums house Mortgage has been paid so all we have to pay is the bills and i do help with the money. I’m hoping I can move out some time in the next few years, Im building a career. I would be lost if I didn’t ave my home and probably homeless, so I’ll always be graetful to her.

I live on my own, about 10 hours away. I moved out at 16 for boarding school and have only generally returned home for the summers.