Who still lives with their parents

I’m 24 and my parents want me out of the house.

My state of mind is so terrible, and I’m worried about my financial situation in the future because I don’t know if I can work like this, so I don’t know what the ■■■■ I’m going to do.

Just wondering who still lives with their parents, and how old are you, post below


I live with my parents and care for my grandmother, I’m 25.

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Are you on disability money? Can you live on your own? You can have cheap housing if you’re on disability.

I live with my mom and her fiance, I’m 25

I live with my parents since my divorce.

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I moved out of my parents house 4 months ago after a 10 year stay.

When were you diagnosed sZ?

How is your functioning? Showers? Do you clean? Do you have a job?

Like I said, I moved out of my parents house 4 months ago and have made tremendous strides with ‘life.’ Looking back on my 10 years there I see how it was hard to grow and mature being 35 yo and living with the parents.

But If youre not ready, the. You’re not ready. You need to explain this to them.

Unfortunately aome parents think you’ll grow up if forced to. But it doesn’t work that way with mental illness.

Idk… sounds like they don’t get you’re problems. I’d talk to them.

Hoping thing work out.



I lived with mom until I was 49 years old. She put me out of her house because I was unmedicated and violent. She went into a nursing home two years later and died February 2018. I’m on disability now and live in government subsidized housing in Arkansas USA.

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I’m 29 and I live with my parents. I used to live on my own, pre-sz. But I can’t afford my own place nowadays, and I don’t think I’d be able to functionally live on my own. My folks help me with A LOT.

I’m 32 years old and I live alone in a one bedroom apartment ---- the only real way to do it is to pick up 2 jobs or get on SSI, utilizing every resource you can, like food stamps and thrift store, riding the bus n such …
I dunno…

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I live with my parents. I have a job and receive disability so I’m able to save. My parents charge me about 2/3 rent.

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The last time I lived with one of my parents I was 29. They had split up and my dad was staying with a friend who had an extra room. I had just got fired from my job and kicked out of my housing for being behind on rent for three months. So I had nowhere to go so I got that spare bedroom. Did I mention I was going through a relapse?

Yeah, a nasty relapse, ended up in the hospital a few times. My dad and his friend went to their seperate jobs about 8:00 am and I was alone in the house all day with almost no money. I went through some bad mental crap at that time. So I applied for a day program. Got accepted so I went there for awhile.

I was about 29 years old and we played board games and cooked lunch and played vollyball out back and played ping pong. I was in bad shape. The only good thing about that program was that I made a friend there. He had his own problems.

I remember he told me he had been in jail a month or two for (–content deleted by moderator–) He really didn’t seem like the type of person who would do that. He seemed like a nice guy; very social and friendly. I went to the program and then one day my dad said, “Why don’t you go out and get a job?” So I did. I did recycling for two or three months and then quit and got a job in a warehouse. It was interesting, it was OK. It was funny because I worked there for a few months and kind of kept to myself.

I was addicted to crack at the time and one day this young guy asked me about it. I thought I was cool but I didn’t think I was as cool as my co-workers but one day, this 22 year old kid took an interest in me and we started talking and I guess I impressed him and we became friendly.

But just a couple of weeks later I was there and at lunch time I left without telling anyone and never went back. It was a shame, it was right when people were starting to be friendly to me.

Anyways, a lot of bad stuff was happening to me, I was in really bad shape. But I lived with my dad for about 5 months until I needed to go into a temporary group home. Got clean while I was there. Moved into a nice board & care home, stayed clean and changed my life into work, school and being responsible.

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I left home at 29, and I have been independent for 4 years now.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now I am settled, it’s great to have your own space and to do what you want when you want


I dropped out of college and went to work when I was 19. I eventually moved out of my mom’s house and lived on my own for 8 years until the SzA hit me when I was 30. I was unable to do my former job and moved back in with my mom.

Im 29 and I still live at home. They don’t really want me to live here anymore but I don’t have options.

I moved out at 21, then moved back then I moved out again at 25 then moved back then I moved out at 27 for good, now I’m almost 33 :blush:
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I live with my elderly father in our home.


i live with my mummy and daddy.

will move out next year unless things dont go to plan!!!

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I’m 50 and live with my dad. I help with bills and with the household chores. Works well for me as we are both on the pension so it helps him out.


I live with my mom I worry about the future


yeah now I can leave 5 cups on the counter and ma mom can’t yell at me :smile: