My friend went over the ssdi limit so many times

He was collecting ssdi but then he lost it for going over the limit. Then he got ssdi again after losing his job. Then he got other jobs and kept going over the limit.

I dunno the end of what happened but the bureaucracy sued him for $10k. Yikes. I think his parents are gonna pay it for him tho cuz I know he could never afford it. Even if they pay it over a course of a buncha years it’s still crazy tho.

Hmm…we just had a thread on this. You have 9 months where you can make whatever you want. Then you have a 36 month period where they evaluate you based on what you make and it if it is over the limit they do not pay you your ssdi benefit. I would guess that maybe your friend did not report his income and thereby got the ssdi income when he was not supposed to and then was forced to pay it back?

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He’d probably been on ssdi for about ten years between the two stints and worked almost the whole time. So it makes sense. Just adds up overtime when you work jobs that demand overtime to your normal hours. Caused him to go over the limit a lot. Maybe he didn’t report it either. Probably not. Just hoped he could get away with it or it’d work out naturally lol. My friend lives in his own world , but he is fairly functional occupationally for a sza diagnosed person.

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