Does anyone here have catatonic schizophrenia?

I talk less and less as i progress with my illness i think i might have another psychotic breakdown soon, of the catatonic type, I eventually stop talking altogether when that happens can anyone share their experiences related to this?.. how do i cope?

That was what I had for so long and it was very frightening and hard to cope with. I managed to recover from that Ive seen a psychiatrist since the age of fifteen. I recommend working against the progression of the illness in a healthy way by watching movies, puzzles, memory games and reading. The will to overcome is stronger than the disease. The mind is powerful. I found that my brain was powerful enough to conquer aspects of schizophrenia. It’s no longer visible to anyone that I have schizophrenia however it is something I have and always will.


did you eventually get ssi/ssdi like most schizophrenics tend to do?

Initially, but it hasn’t been a problem for over 20 years as my pills started working for me and I accepted my treatments. I still have positive and negative symptoms, but no longer to the extent I go catatonic.


As soon as I applied for disability they changed my diagnosis from schizophrenia to bipolar but I dont think I have bipolar. Bipolar means u have mood swings etc. I just dont think it was accurate.

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