Does anyone here have an Oculus Rift (or other VR headset?)

I was scared of getting one due to the belief that it would cause short-sightedness, but I learned that the lens in the Oculus Rift is the equivalent of looking at a screen 1.3 meters away, which is better than a laptop or computer monitor.

Does anyone here regularly use a VR headset? How has your vision changed?

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I have a Rift.

I probably used it 3 hours a week on average for the last year (some weeks a lot more, some weeks nothing). It has never given me sore eyes, but I do get nausea and a headache after 45mins in certain games when moving around. That is improving though. Cockpit games/sitting down games are the easiest. Standing games take it out of me.

My vision hasn’t changed at all during this time, that I have noticed. Also I am 39.



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Cool, thanks.

I’m convinced that it’s safe now, after your reply and doing some research on

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