Should I be worried about VR brain changes?

I’ve had my VR headset for about 5 days now and I notice at moments real life has felt a bit different after using it. Like things feel kind of artificial at times and weird, and my vision is a bit more wobbly, for lack of a better term. Reading text on a pc screen, the text sometimes seem to pop out a bit, like the white background is further away. I make sure to not use it excessively.

Should I worry? For me it makes sense that these things I’m experiencing is probably not harmful in any way, it’s just… different. I’m gonna give it some time, maybe I will eventually get used to it and things will feel more normal.

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Been using one for two years without issues, but no more than an hour a day. Mine is for exercise only.


İ have the same experience when i stare at my computer for an excessive amount of time i feel my intelligence dropping and my eyes get sore i used a vr headset a few times definetly having a screen one inch in front of your head is gonna cause some mental changes i feel it everytime i stare at my computer television smartphone they all do the same thing but i dont know scientifically if it really causes any permanent changes or damage in the brain?

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By the way what headset are you using ?

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I know that it’s a fact that everything you do changes your brain, for example when you are social, your brain changes to get better at being social. When you play a video game, your brain changes so you get better at the game.

I’ve been using it for a week now, and it seems like I’ve gotten used to it. In the beginning I felt kind of weird, but not anymore really.

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Electronics definetly alter your brain but not for the good thats for sure

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