Does anyone here feels their life is very difficult?

My life is very difficult…
I wish my life was easier, more comfortable…
I feel like I am sort of a hero, but the problem is that this fate is forced on me,
I would rather have a calm and comfortable life over the crazy schizophrenic life that I have…


You’d be more comfortable if you were on medication.


Can you tell me more about being a hero?


Hello @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter .
The situation is such.
My life is very difficult.
I would prefer to quit schizophrenia forum, but it’s very difficult to do in practice.
The heroism is to live a life of suffering, a life that every day is difficult, every day is a struggle.
Before the onset of schizophrenia, my life was relatively easy and comfortable,
but then with onset 6 years ago my life changed forever.
The past 6 years were very difficult, and it is an open-ended struggle,
because who knows what the future holds.


Everyone’s life is difficult,


You are no hero for suffering unnecessarily.

You’ve been medicated before,

You can be medicated again.

It would greatly improve the quality of your life.


In some ways yes, in some ways my life is easy. Overall it’s a little easier than average, but that’s only now. It used to be harder.

Probably more difficult than most, but who really knows. Today wasn’t so bad overall. Gotta keep optimistic even in the darkest times.

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I’m so sorry your life has changed this drastically. Mine has, too. I worked a full-time job, volunteered in the community, and spent a lot of time with many family and friends. Now I’m broke and in therapy four days each week.

There are many heroic things you can do. You can

  1. visit the elderly
  2. sort clothes at a thrift shop
  3. write cards to the military
  4. hold the door for someone
  5. help a neighbor
  6. mow someone’s lawn or pull their weeds
  7. shovel someone’s snow
  8. call and visit family members

My life is difficult too. Some days worse than others. On the bad days I really want to believe in a purpose to having this condition. I think it is very important to me that there will be a reward in the end. There should be Justice.
That’s my answer to your question.

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No my life is perfect. It’s actually not hard enough; I think
god should pile on 5000 more pounds of crap on top of the 3000 pounds I already carry around with me every day, just so I finally can have something to complain about.

More trouble and more pain I say.

@Chess24 , @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter made a good point about being heroic.

If you’re struggling then stay on this forum. We are all here to help one another. You can also join groups that help as well.

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