Life is too hard

Its just a constant struggle…

Whats the point ???


I spend 95% of my time at home and most of it on my bed. Somehow I feel that if only I could win the lottery I will be magically cured from sz.

Life is hard indeed… But still I’m happy that I’m alive.


It’s the same for everybody, schizophrenic or not, to think that at some point in their lives. We’re screwed because we have this disease but other people without this disease are screwed too. I know it doesn’t help a lot to say that.

But rich people in the prime of life with everything going their way can catch some disease and a month later they’re dead, kids are being murdered, tortured and abused all over the world every day and they don’t live to see age 12. Suffering is all about perspective.

Look at history. A billion people in history were sitting in their cold mud huts or their cardboard houses and the Huns or the Romans or the Mongols or Isis or George Bush invaded their country and kicked in their door and entered and killed their children right in front of them and then burned them alive. Billions of people have been screwed in life.

If you have a roof over your head, running water, and you don’t go to bed hungry every night than you are better off than many millions of families on this planet. If you had enough money for the computer you’re on right now then you are a member of the top 20% elite in the world. I can say my life sucks in many ways too but I’m sure doing better then the people in war torn countries around the world.

Edit. …about ten years ago I was donating around $30.00 a month to a poor family in The Honduras. It was through a charity called “the Christian Children’s Fund” . I had $30.00 automatically deducted from my bank account each month to send to a family of four to buy basic clothing and other necessities. They lived in a two room shack and survived by farming a small plot of land with growing corn and beans. So here I was with my paranoid schizophrenia helping someone else who was worse of than me. Life is all about perspective.
And believe me, I have been down and out many times in my life.


Thanks @77nick77, lots to think about.


Try not to complain, and be grateful for what you do have.


remember, your life is hard because you suffer from this illness. i dont know how long youve been afflicted but personally i remember a time before i had the illness and life was so much easier back then. i think a user on this forum (surprisedj) described it as being as if he were locked in a block of ice when he struggled with severe negative symptoms. when he changed his medication regimen slightly the ice began to melt. remember that, although the ice may not readily melt for you you can always learn to live with your setbacks and just focus on enjoying the little in life which you can. of course when you feel weighed down your instinct is to struggle! i feel that the people on this forum who dont try as hard to fight the symptoms tend to be more contented, theyre not necessarily accepting the disorder which arises as a result of them, but rather theyre focusing their energy on doing what they can, even if all that is is creating a happy place in their mind where they can go when all else seems lost. maybe focus less on feeling pain and more on finding your happy place.


That’s how I feel on some days. Like today. You just have to keep going. Keep surviving. Maybe the lexapro will make a difference if it kicks in.

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Im pretty stulid to pay attentipn to anyone yelling anything room tp room.

Im through. Take a ■■■■■■■ nap and have a nice day!

Im saying thay to myself

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