Does anyone have tips on how to wake up in the morning

Im struggling to wake up and work is basically starting.

I have tried everything.

Anyone got any tips? Or maybe u can send me some energy ??


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Grab some coffee
Acetyl carnitine
Perhaps sarcosine?
Also make sure you put the alarm on at the same time every day to wake up
And sleep at the same time every night
Make sure you are getting good sleep and nothing is disrupting your sleep


Multiple alarms 5 mins apart
Use your bed only for sleeping

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Personally I set 2 alarms for 6 then one at 630 ---- on they have an alarm that goes off then rolls under the bed, forcing you to get up and turn it off…

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If you’re having a hard time waking up at a specific time try going to bed a little earlier or a little later. I believe I read something about us have 90 min sleep increments. So if you’re trying to get up in the middle of one of those increments it will feel awful. Play with a little earlier, if that’s not possible a little later, until you find the right timing. You should be waking up feeling refreshed and ready for your day. Note: you may only be a couple minutes away from the end of your increment so just try a few minutes at a time until you find the sweet spot. Good luck, I hope you have a fantastic day.

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I use this app called “Sleep Cycle” that waits until you’re out of deep sleep to sound an alarm. I love it. It uses the microphone to see what stage of sleep you’re in, and only wakes you when you’re in a light sleep stage. I don’t fight the alarm in the morning so much anymore. Waking up at 5 AM pretty regularly, even.


I agree with some of the others who have suggested moving your alarm clock away from reach so you have to get up to turn it off.

another thing I would recommend is taking a quick shower when you first get up to wake you up. which you will need to get up a bit earlier if you want to do that.

lastly you have to get to bed at an earlier hour. that is probably the hardest thing for young people who tend to be night owls, or feel like they’re missing out on life with friends, etc. so turn off your devices and get at least 7-9 hours of sleep.

personally im on a 2nd or 3rd shift schedule so I wake up at noon, and go to bed at 4am. I can’t do early mornings.


Wake up and take a shower, dress and maybe go out for some coffee.

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Goto bed the same time every night, and if your prescribed Ap’s for sleep - make sure you take them at least an hour earlier.

The cold keeps me awake - so use an electric blanket - with a weighted blanket on top of your duvet.

And turn all your gadgets off - and put the mobile on silent - if your lke me you will get an alert at silly o clock, waking you up.

I pre-prepare the coffee machine for the morning, so when i say alexa “morning” it will put it on for me while im taking my morning dump.

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I set my alarm early enough that I have a little time to sit before I have to do things. I find it easier to pull myself out of bed if I know that I don’t have to start going right away. I take some time to just sit because I wake with anxiety most days.

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This is just what works for me… I wake up, use the bathroom, make a pot of tea, meditate, do yoga, journal then and only then turn on the electronics. Since I have been doing that I don’t have as much stress.

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Do not use bed unless its bed time at night. Taking naps significantly affect your night time sleep quality.

Take phosphatidylserine sunflower version 100 mg around 5 PM. This will reduce your cortisol level at night and also helps you to reduce thinking bit like benzo which will result in deep quality sleep at night. Phosphatidylserine is safe and have memory improving effects.

During the day you can take some supplements if need to remain alert, more energy etc these include.

DMG 125 mg

Vitamin B12 methyl version.

Take this on empty stomach soon after waking.

Omega 3 fish oil soft gel. Take it with breakfast.

Above 3 are brain stimulating one’s so need to take it early in the morning around breakfast time to make sure it not affect night sleep. While first one phosphatidylserine sunflower version is brain slow down supplement thats why it needed to be take around sunset time to make sure it not affect day time alertness.

These are all natural supplements without any side effects and have lot of benefits too.

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I would say you need to weigh how much clozapine is helping you compared to how important work is and consider wether a med change would be appropriate. I told myself I was unable to work while I was on Clozapine, I just didnt see it as manageable sleeping 12 hours a day.

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You open your eyes, remove your blanket and get out of bed. With the medications its almost impossible to get your head straight. I am on the disability support pension for that reason. I had it easy working nightshift and slept in everyday till my nightshift started at 10 pm.

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A cold glass of water will wake you up as much as a cup of coffee!

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