Does anyone have experience with zoloft

The doctor took me off of depakote and put me on zoloft

Zoloft is an antidepressant medication that has been around for a very long time. I was told here in Canada its the goto first line treatment for anyone under 18 as it holds less risks for side effects. I hear people who have mild depression on/off say stuff like “oh god, that stuff is so hardcore i couldnt handle it”. I say ■■■■■■■■, its an excellent medication and works for most people.

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Can Zoloft be taken at night?

I take Zoloft at night because it makes me sleepy all day if I take it in the morning.

It works well for me. Although i still have a low level of depression it’s not intense.

You do not have sleep problems taking it at night?

Do you need to take it with food

do you get tired in the daytime

I was on Zoloft the max dose for many years. It made me very suicidal with plans for many years. My stupid pdocs in Arizona didn’t realize that it was the Zoloft doing it. When I moved to Nebraska, the pdoc I had there immediately took me off all the Zoloft and put me on another AD called Serzone. My depression instantly lifted to a manageable level. I was still a bit suicidal at times but nowhere near as bad as before.

I think that no longer having that sun constantly beating down on me everyday helped too.

I’m trying to avoid suicide

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I take 50 mg every morning. It interacts with my other meds really well and is just good in general. Only side effect my arm shakes sometimes

Can I take it at night without food

I don’t want to be sleepy during the day

I take it without food often. It doesn’t affect my sleep it just is more convenient to take my meds all in the morning. It made me tired the first few days till I got used to it.

You gotta remember everyone’s different. So you’re gonna get varied responses. It doesn’t make me sleepy.

Thanks for your comments


I’ve been taking it in the morning without any effect on my sleep.

I’ve been on Zoloft for years stuff worked amazing. My Dr. Said it only works for a while then it stops working as good

Zoloft was amazing for me and the best antidepressant I’ve ever been on. Depakote works well too, that’s what I’m on now but honestly not as well as Zoloft did. Unfortunately Zoloft messes badly with my bladder and makes it so I have to pee literally any time any molecule of anything enters my bladder and would keep me up all night in agony because I’d have to pee even though my bladder was basically empty so there was no relief. To this day like 1-2 years after stopping it my bladder still isn’t fully normal anymore. But this is a rare side effect so you aren’t likely to get it. Aside from that it gave me no other side effects, though I did feel very peacefully sleepy for the first couple weeks starting it.

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Zoloft increases dopamine as well as serotonin so it may cause psychosis to become worse.
The only problem that I had on Zoloft was that I would wake up about 3am in the morning.

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