Does anyone have experience with zoloft

Should I take it at night or day

I have to feel out this meds

I already have a bladder problem. Hope this doesn’t make it worse

My experience is a bad one. I was a nutcase on it. I OD’d, and my husband found me with an empty pill bottle in my hand. I got to drink a charcoal shake and vomit in the hallway of an ER in front of a little kid who happened to be walking past. Fun times.

Now I’m scared to take it

@Briteeyez Don’t be. I was very young when I was taking it, and it is now known to cause a higher incidence of suicide in people as young as I was. It was just the luck of the draw.

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I’m trying to avoid suicidal thoughts

Just have to be brave and bite the bullet

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It helps a lot of people. No need to be afraid to try it. It turns out that antidepressants are bad for me. They contribute to the ups/downs that I experience. I’ve had to go off them completely. So Zoloft wasn’t a good choice for me to begin with, then add in the danger of my age at the time, and it was just a recipe for disaster. But it could really help you. I’m sorry if I worried you. That wasn’t my intention. I’m sorry.

I like Paroxetine best out of all the antidepressants.

It’s alright. I need to find my courage. I have a phone appt with my pdoc today. Anxious to ask her questions. If this meds is No good I will try something else like what was mentioned

What works well for one person can be a disaster for another

I know someone who did well on bupropion (Wellbutrin) Just thought I’d throw that out there. It all depends on the individual, though. ALL of them come with risks, as do all of our APs.

Thanks for your comments

Is zoloft a weight gainer

Hmmm… that one I can’t help you with. I was skinny as heck when I took it. I sure do miss that teenage metabolism!

The doctor said it takes a month for zoloft to work. Is that right

Can I still wake up early on zoloft

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