Does anyone have delusions where the tv talks about you?

Today, I had just a tiny bit of the feeling that the brain researchers were communicating with me through the music I was hearing but it has really slowed down a lot in the last few months. They can control what music I hear (since they control my phone and car radio) but usually they just let me listen to it without implanting ideas.

I often think the people on the radio and tv are making comments about me and towards me. Sometimes I realize that can’t possibly be true, but most of the time it seems pretty real. I push it into the back of my mind where I don’t have to worry about it so much.

These are called delusions of reference, yes I have had them.

I know this is unrelated, but I was hearing voices like crazy awhile ago, it calmed down a bit but I’m still a bit nervous, I think it started cus my blood pressure is catching up with me, and rising therfore making me very nervous, one of the voices said “stop ignoring me” I think the voices would say this in the past, but I never realized what they were saying, until now, I’m still fill horrible right now, but give it time and it will go away I’m sure

This happens to me ALL the time. In fact, just a couple minutes ago, I thought my bag of tobacco was telling me to cut myself because it says “Tube Cut” on the front and happened to be sitting next to tape (for bandaging).

I’ve experienced many times where I thought other forces (i.e. God, the devil, etc) were sending me messages through the media (music/TV/movies, etc)

All of this stuff on this thread is familiar like hours on the clock.

My theory is that it’s the brain’s learned and stored IQ data being worked in the cognitive functions simultaneously as the mind is aware of what’s going on as well, and it seems real because perhaps I/we have multiple Mirror Neuron Faculties.

That Mirror Neuron Faculty part is unique in people in general in that it gives a sense of self yet a sense of other people as though you were seeing how they are thinking or behaving through them. That’s how everyone really is. That’s basically the bottom line to the whole sociology phenomenon. It is the sense of empathy, and it is why many people assume they are telepathic. They call their “thing” empathy, thus they are “empaths” so they say. There’s a lot of them online, but it all goes nowhere because it’s not accurate, it’s only guessing that your feelings are being bugged until you start to assume everything you feel and think could be someone emapthing you until even sometimes what you are doing physically or saying is because someone is empathing you. It’s stupid…maybe the stupidest thing anyone could to, and it would be so easy for people to trick people into this.

I have very acute mirror neuron abilities for driving and operating things very well so well it scares most people how much risk I can take, and be accurate at what I’m doing every time. It’s like when I get used to operating any kind of machine, tool or whatever, it becomes an acute extension of myself. I can assess things completely apart from myself like this too whether in real life or on video. It’s not necessarily uncommon for people, but I know that many people do not have as good of senses in this area just by experiencing things with them, watching them, and talking.

The thing about the Mirror Neuron Faculty is that it doesn’t know itself from anything or anyone else, and I the key to the whole stupid empathic problem with TV and things. Hehe

What if you had two MNF’s? What if you had multiple MNF’s or just a large one? Think about that. Have you ever put a mirror up to another mirror, and saw the infinite reflection of the mirrors like a tunnel. Well imagine that same concept with two mirror neuron faculties. Which one is you? What kind of amazing, phantasmagorical constructs or paradigms would a brain create like that? Would this help to be a genius if the person knew how it works, and learned how to manage it for good, productive uses?

I don’t know, but for my brain to be making things up as people are speaking on the TV to the split second each second, and it feels like they are as real as they are to me just seems genius to me like there’s more brain power under the hood than I’m realizing. It’s like maybe I should learn how to refocus that brain power in there, and do something really awesome with life. Not something random like become an opera singer. I mean like something really smart like making a ton of money of course.


So if I’m right, when ever we get mad or laugh at our TV’s or voices or whatever, we’re really mad and maybe even yelling at our Mirror Neuron Faculties. At this point though that is funny to me, but some years ago it would not have been. But I like to see myself like other people see themselves, and I’ve worked very hard to see how the rest of the world thinks and works. So naturally as I assimilated I’d have the same kind of humor and ease of mind about my mind as most people have about theirs. It’s not mean humor. It’s just sort of a nice, sunny spring day with a breeze, blue sky, and a squirrel accidentally drops an acorn in the 18th hole on the golf course funny. There’s nothing to judge about it. It just is what it is, and we’re free to be like every other species of life except better because instead of looking for food all day we can look for stuff on the internet all day.


When I was age 15-17 I thought that my thoughts were being broadcast on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen during news broadcasts. I always had to have the news on because if I was watching, they wouldn’t broadcast my thoughts because then I’d have caught them. This is the only delusion I’ve ever grown out of without the help of therapy. I just woke up and day and decided that it wasn’t real. It’s strange how that particular delusion cleared up on its own, but all my other delusions had to be taken care of in therapy. My doctor thinks that because of my age, my brain chemistry may have shifted a bit and taken care of the delusion on its own.

I think the tv and media broadcast parts of my thoughts to a select few people who then spread the information through a complicated but accurate networking method.

Hi I’m going through a crisis right now. I believe my family put a hidden camera in my head and that the world is watching me on their phones. Now it gets tricky because I believe that the tv is talking about me all across the world. If you hear the tv talking about a girl from Chicago that’s me. :slight_smile:


People in the world have better things to do with their free time than spy on some girl in Chicago. Try to think rationally.

Get some antipsychotic treatment, give it some time, and you’ll get over the delusions.


I’ve had that delusion before. It was years ago. Proper medication has helped that problem go away.


I did too. I don’t think this as strongly anymore, but the delusion is still a little bit there.

It used to occur while I was watching sportscenter on ESPN. I thought they were directly talking to me. I’d add commentary hah. It also happened when I’d watch a live broadcast of nearly any sport. Such a thing can be difficult. Glad to here you’re overcoming that, naturallycured.

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I don’t watch T.V. because I have delusions that the media is very misogynist and other negative things and I just can’t stand the media trying to manipulate my thoughts.

Happens to me too

I had influence on youtube stars. They seemed confused and me wondering about that.

I used to think that when they’d say something like, “he’s not giving up and that’s going to be a problem” from a news channel where they’re talking to or about somebody else, thought it was a message for me personally.

This was main delusion in my first episode.

Everybody could knew everything i say or think or do. All the time. And people on tv would comment me.

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