Does anyone have delusions where the tv talks about you?

This was my main delusion/hallucinations back in 2008 when I was unmedicated.

I want to believe that so bad but I think everybody is lying to me when they say I’m not being talked about on tv. They been talking about me on tv for a whole year now.

You Can go to all the major stations vh1 CNN

every station and they talking about me. They are broadcasting all of my thoughts and I’m trying to find the hidden camera on me.

I had that delusion too, it’s like a parallel reality. They don’t really know you, it just feels like they’re reacting to your thoughts.

I promise the delusion will fade away eventually, especially if you get on good treatment.

I had this delusion too at one point. One time I taped a show that I thought was about me. Later on I watched it and could see that it wasn’t but still remembered what I was thinking when I did. Felt weird

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But do it seem like the people around you are in on it too. I hear people around me talking about it. I hear them saying that I’m on camera and responding to my thoughts. They call my children out their names and I wonder how are they able to do this if it’s not real. I hear it coming from their voices.

It’s thought broadcasting. Curable.

I believe it has to do with the NMDA receptor balance in the brain, once that is rebalanced with the right medication and supplementation that kind of phenomena stops happening.

I had delusions of reference. Especially with YouTube and their algorithm. I try not to care.

Ok. I go to see my psychiatrist Monday.

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I am so scared. So I’m really not being talked about on tv through the whole United States? Can someone just tell me the truth? Tired of living like this. I don’t see the camera though.

I used to think news stories were either about me or telling me to do stuff, also thought the show charmed and the gals on it were commenting about me

It’s a common delusion with schizophrenics. I know how real it feels, but the people supposedly responding to your thoughts really don’t know you from Adam.

Ok well do you have a delusion where you hear ppl around you talking about you saying mean things to you? They say the same thing the tv is saying to you?

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Yes. I haven’t tested it recently though, as I keep my TV and radio muted, and don’t go out much. It’s bad with live media, and the worst with people in the distance.

I only listen to pre-recorded youtube shows and internet radio, and it doesn’t happen much there.

It feels so real. If you get on the right medication does it leave? And also I’m trying to send you a message but can’t, can you send me one?

It feels so real. If you get on the right medication does it leave? And also I’m trying to send you a message but can’t, can you send me one?

I’ve got some weird, metaphysical stories about thought broadcasting, but sharing them doesn’t help one bit, just makes peoples’ delusions worse. Does more harm than good.

My tv sends me messages.

Phenomenon meaning no one knows why it happens? Super natural.

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Did they REALLY show up at your door?? And if so what did they say??