Does anyone have catatonic type?

I know it is only like 1 percent of schizophrenics or something. Just wondering if anyone else has had catatonia and how you are doing with it. I might not get replies to this one but thought I would try.

During my last break I had an episode in which I stayed completely still laying in a bed, without closing my eyes, starring at the ceiling for hours. The tears were falling from my eyes since I wouldn’t shut them. Don’t really know if catatonia, but people were talking to me and trying to make do something and I was just there, unresponsive, unmovable.

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Supposedly the meds have made catonia much more uncommon. They only consider it catotonia if you’re still unresponsive on meds. Catonia was way more common in the 1800s.


At the time I was taking a non-therapeutic dose of olanzapine so yeah. It lasted like a quarter of the day.

If I’m not mistaken @Azley was catatonic once.

I have felt like I was going catatonic before just being still for long periods of time

not totally… just mostly bed ridden for about a year… people were to scary and I didn’t have ■■■■ to do anyways… just laid there hearing voices and getting pissed and scared that I was hearing voices…

That sucks man. You’re strong now, you’ve been through so much :slight_smile:

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thanks @minnii :grimacing:

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No problem brother :grin:

I suffered from severe apathy. I was in bed on my back for 4-7 days without eating. I don’t remember drinking or anything. But I must have. This was when I came to hospital for the second time. I don’t remember how many days, just been told it was several days. My husband visited every day and I don’t remember that and he could not get contact with me.

I was surrounded by my hallucinations. Scary as hell.

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Depends on which part you are asking about. Catonic sz has many variants -

a. stupor (marked decrease in reactivity to the environment and in spontaneous movements and activity) or mutism;
b. excitement (apparently purposeless motor activity, not influenced by external stimuli);
c. posturing (voluntary assumption and maintenance of inappropriate or bizarre postures);
d. negativism (an apparently motiveless resistance to all instructions or attempts to be moved, or movement in the opposite direction);
e. rigidity (maintenance of a rigid posture against efforts to be moved);
f. waxy flexibility (maintenance of limbs and body in externally imposed positions); and
g. other symptoms such as command automatism (automatic compliance with instructions), and perseveration of words and phrases.

I have been diagnosed with catatonic type and haven’t had those symptoms but was completely unable to move even if I wanted to… Could not talk even one work and could not move my eyes for months. I guess that’s the kind I am referring to.

that would classified under the a catatonia I think. Catatonic type I think is a rarer form but in the early years I had episodes of a, e, g. but not for long periods usually a day or so. Haven’t had them since my 20’s.

Oh yes! I missed a somehow you are right.

Hey :wave: I’m actually having a catatonic schizophrenia, I think it’s cool and fun, but sometimes it’s crazy, because you lose control over yourself, that’s why I stay at home and don’t walk out.