Schizoaffective with catatonic features

Does anyone else know much about this or have experience being diagnosed? I don’t know that I fit the description for catatonia. I stare off into space sometimes and feel like my eyes are locked on something but it never last for more than a minute or so. I also feel compelled to move sometimes or make strange gestures with my hands. I just don’t feel like I am catatonic in that I can move my limbs and such.

Any advice would be helpful. I just want to feel like I’m not the only one this happens to.

I think @Comatose has experience with being catatonic.

I think @HulGil has mentioned it too

When I passed out in the psych Hospital, I was semi conscious - not responding.

They transported me to the ER and some of the doctors there thought that I was Catatonic.

In actuality I am pretty sure that I was experiencing paralasys - frozen reaction from Dissasociating myself from horrific conditions at the psych Hospital.

Although my heart rate was very high as well.

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I have times where I just freeze and don’t move. I feel like I am aware of my surroundings but unable to move.


I was in bed for 4 days. Not moving. Not responding. Not communicating. Not eating. Don’t remember much. I was in a terrible shape.

Yeah I have experienced catatonia. What you are experiencing @weareinfinite does not sound like catatonia. A catatonic episode for me usually lasts 12-24 hours. An experience less than one minute would be considered “thought blocking.” That sounds like what you are experiencing.


I call it “space out”. Brain needs to rest. Like day dreaming.

I suffered from catatonic stupor early on (decades back). It faded over a couple of years with treatment. I would be this way for a couple of days.

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