Catatonia anyone00?

anyone experience catatonia>? whats it like?
and not just a love for cats

I experienced it during my first episode of psychosis. I remained mute and very still / rigid for almost two days. Taking risperidone got rid of the delusions and catatonic state pretty quickly.

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any way you can have a mild day to day form of it?

I don’t know of myself ever being fully catatonic, though I imagine that’s something a person might not be fully conscious of while it’s going on. Maybe something others would tell them about after the fact. I could be wrong on that, though.

I do, however, have a love for cats lol.

you ever just feel frozen like you can’t move and all you can do is stare or stare out the window. Its from deep despair I think.
Glad you love cats

Has only happened to me once, lasted about 2-3 months. It’s difficult to describe what it was like, because from my perspective it was just a whole lot of nothingness. An entire week would go by and it wouldn’t really register in my mind. There was the occasional moment on the occasional day when my mother would speak to me, and my mind would sort of reach out and focus on her, and in those moments it was like I existed for a little bit. But outside of those moments there was just a nothingness. Can’t remember having feelings, thoughts, etc, almost like being in a mental coma. When I emerged from the episode, it was a gradual process and it felt like I had been asleep for months or something. It was very disorienting. Like I discovered that my hair was severely matted to the point that it had to be cut off, and it was the first time in months that I had even been aware of the existence of my hair.

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Yes, I have had that sort of experience, while depressed and/or psychotic. I’ve just never had full-on unresponsive catatonia that I know of, as far as being unable to hear/respond to people talking to me, etc. I say “that I know of,” because my memory gets really screwy when I become psychotic.

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I would say my life is a catatonic type…!!!

that you love cats>? or just in a haze?

I consider myself highly unfortunate and low functional…I even can’t work…!!!
but god bless u MG1

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I can’t either.

I’m just taking up a bed at my families residence waiting to drop dea

U need to try…nobody’s knows if good things waiting for us anyways enjoy thanks giving we don’t have it here…!!

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Im trying far cry, i will say a prayer for you

@aakash are u able to hold jobs u say u were it engineer…As a SZphernik i could never work .whenever i tried everytime i was thrown out… my bad…i won;t try to work rest of my life …they say it is possible to recover but i haven’t move a single stone…lastly wanna say lage raho bhai…and god bless u …!!!

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MG1 i couldn’t like ur post cuz i have crossed like limitation today…so sorry… my positive vibes are always with U …Just chillax man…rest we will see…!!! Never forget we are warrior of our life …take care…thanks…!!!

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I have been jobless for many months in the past. Time heals a lot of things. Start small and keep progressing at your own pace. All the best :slight_smile:

@aakash if i ever come to India would u come to welcome me …(a serious question…!!! )

Always loved going catatonic just got so much peace from it. The ability to just shut the world out and was my way of mediating. Seems not everybody has had as pleasant and peaceful episodes as I did though. One thing I do miss is that being stable.

Most memorable was after a family funnel the next day. Made myself a coffee like 10am and just staring into the coffee. Next thing I noticed the coffee was cold and was in total peace I looked at the clock it was about 4pm.

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Wow, that sounds kinda scary…2-3 months is a long time to be like that! I’m glad that’s over for you now