Does anyone have any holidays planned?

Hopefully I am going to hike the Dingle trail in Ireland next year. I was supposed to go a couple of months ago, but I had to cancel all my plans because of coronavirus. After that I want to hike the Rota Vicentina, but I am going to uni, so my plans for that will probably have to be put on hold.


Yes, in a weeks time i sail to a small island between denmark and sweden, fishing, eating and contemplating nature for three days. Im soooo looking forward.

I once was in Ireland, on of the best trip of my life. Nice people, awesome nature.

I wish i had the guts for a lonesome hike like rota vicentine or the compostela pilgramage.


Ugh. I spent my holidays last year moving. This year’s holidays were three days at a rented cabin with my wife sandwiched in between a bunch of tooth extractions. July 6, 3 teeth out. July 7,8,9, cabin. July 10, more teeth out. July 13, more teeth out. July 14, back to work. I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation both last year and this year. I’m hoping next year’s vacation won’t suck, but it’s looking like we’re moving again.

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Since I don’t work everyday is a holiday for me

I wish I could go for a couple of weeks to Rajasthan


I am due to go to the Greek Island of Rhodes on the 3rd September.

As far as I know it’s on, but we’ll have to see what happens over the next few weeks.

Being English means that I am much more of a threat to them than they are for me.

Just the plane ride will be touch and go I think.

I checked and the air filtration systems on aircraft are medical grade, and capture the molecular size of Covid


I was suppose to go to Texas to my sisters house.

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I kind of want to go spend a couple of days in the countryside, maybe explore some small town and visit a sunflower field. I don’t really have money for things like that though.

I’m on vacation right now,I am in the mountain in the Pyrenees,the bad thing is that I am with my boyfriend and we have a lot of problems.
It’s being horrible :frowning:

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I will plan one when there is a vaccine available.


Yeah, I’m going to make August 23rd “77nick77 Day”. The federal government approved it already and banks and head shops will be closed. So stock up on your jelly belly’s and asparagus and firecrackers, it’s going to be a helluva a celebration.


Well, for me I’m hoping to shed 100 lbs before this Christmas …
Im looking at myself and finding any area I can improve myself in …
Brush n floss 3x a day
Veggies and beans diet
Walking a mile a day with my army back pack (70 lbs or so)
Making it to PSR 5x a week
Oh yah, and eating total for breakfast every day :upside_down_face:

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I can’t afford a holiday.

I wanted to go interstate to visit my x and try get him back but he said he doesn’t want me to visit and he doesn’t want me back .
I wanted to see the oldest girl before she dies.
I adore her.she is a favourite of mine.
I was closer to those dogs than I am my dog.

I could of saved up for interstate travel.

I am scared of traveling.

I’m scared of getting unwell while away from home.

It’s not in my budget to travel and I don’t feel that independent.

I want to save up for a facelift in Thailand but can’t afford it or it might take twenty years before I could begin to afford it and even then I couldn’t travel alone and have no one to travel with so would have to do it in Australia local which cost double the amount minus the holiday.
I’m scared of someone putting drugs on me in Thailand or of going psychotic overseas where I have no safe bed to run to.

Realistically I will probably not go on a holiday ever overseas.

I might go interstate.
But I’m scared of that too.

My dad lives interstate but I’m not independent enough to drive there.
I’m scared of getting lost and only know how to drive to a few places and had to be shown how to drive there independently and it took a long time.

I don’t feel independent enough to travel on holiday by myself and with someone I’m scared of being unwell and forward to do stuff I don’t want to.

I might never go overseas again but would love to learn to travel interstate independent woman.

No holidays planned.

My brother has a caravan a couple hours from here and they might teach me how to drive there so I can go there on holiday if it’s a easy drive I can do it but if it’s difficult drive I can’t.

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I’m go tent in front of best buy

I need a PS4

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Going with my fiancée to see my sister and her boyfriend in the SF bay area. It’ll be my fiancée’s first time on a train.


You mean a PS5?

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not much doing with covid. i may take a quick trip to michigan in the fall, up around lake huron, to check out a city i may move to. i’ve been everywhere in the states really except new orleans, vegas, and san francisco. would like to go visit those places someday. would really like to experience mardi gras sometime. and play poker in vegas, and walk through san francisco and check out the architecture, other than that, im getting bored of this country. my go to is usually a trip to colorado to visit my sister and ski or hike.


So we have ended up pushing our Grenada trip to next year

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i love how you go on these hikes it is really cool …

i still want to go to a really nice beach in a few years times

hikes also does not sound like a bad idea!!

but it is all planned for England as I do not ever want to travel on a plane, ferry etc again.

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Yeah, trains are cool. And fun!


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