Does anyone get bad acne and do you think it is because of aps?

Myne used to be really bad. I have it somewhat under control since I started antibiotics permanently, but it is still a problem. My skin is really bad from all the damage it has done. Just wondering if this is common? When I am not on antibiotics I would say it was worse than when I was a teenager, so I do think that it is the problem.

maybe try cutting out dairy, avoiding sugar and gluten pasta. that’s what worked for me. fruit sugar is ok. more veggies, meats should be ok and lots of water. diet is what caused my acne not ap’s. but it’s different for everybody

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you could try an elimination diet to see if you have food triggers. some restaurant vegetable oils are also probably to be avoided as well.

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i still get the occasional pimple, from yogurt and cheese, but it’s rare so i don’t worry about eliminating dairy anymore. i just use a grapefruit facial cleaner, and that mostly prevents breakouts.

i was raised on fast food, so i had bad acne for a few years, despite using products. and it seemed like i always got a pimple before an event, like a school dance or wedding or something to embarrass me haha. i went vegan for 4 years and my skin was great, not a single breakout. now im going back to vegetarian, which includes 3 servings of dairy, (yogurt, shredded cheese, and whey protein powder) so i don’t have to supplement with b12. i’ve also read that goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and may cause less problems.


I have been reading that high androgen to estrogen levels caused by aps causes acne. I’m not sure if everyone gets it though. It is really noticeable how bad my skin is after all the damage it has done. Do you think it is on more rarer cases that people get it?

I have some spots on my back.

And if I don’t exfoliate I get bad blackheads

My nose has scarred pores so it is prone to blackheads if not careful

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My primary school teacher once said to me are u turning into one of the three witches from macbeth as a joke!! Cos of my teenage spots.

And this guy in my primary school used to call me spotty dog.

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o well maybe there is something to it, but thankfully i haven’t had any problems with my skin because of ap’s.

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I have not had any problem with acne since beginning on meds 40 years ago.

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