My acne is getting bad again

I first got real bad acne in my teens. Is now 25 years later and you think you would grow out of it by now. But no.

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I discovered most of my acne was a result of my diet. dairy being the biggest culprit, milk caused it. and cheese to a lesser extent although I can get away with one serving of cheese.

also coffee and sugary grains and processed foods. I started subscribing to the food combination diet where you eat the fast digesting foods before slower digesting foods for proper digestion. for example you would eat a sugary desert first and then try the steak which would take longer to digest. seems to help but I still will get an occasional breakout and I always blame it on the cheese. I had no breakouts as a vegan but voices all the time.

best wishes, I know it’s frustrating as an adult to think it’s only a childhood problem but it persists for some of us.

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