Does anyone feel sick at the thought of having to meet their in-laws

I cant stand my brother in law. He hears things about me and is very judgemental of me. He does not know me really. He does not talk to me. But he has heard about certain bad things I did when schizophrenic and unwell and he thinks Im scum.

I cant stand to be around him. How can I put up with him at Christmas. Im going to be dining in his house this Christmas day. We don’t even talk. He is extremely judgemental.

I think even if he is judmental of you, you can change his view! It is not your fault for being a schizophrenic, and you are on proper medication, most importantly you are trying to be positive all the time and not easily give up. If that is what you are, you should have more self-confidence for the dinner. Communication is the door to understanding among human, in my opinion. If a person got to know me without ever talk to me, then most probably his or her view is biased.

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