Does anyone feel like crying right now?

I do. I have been depressed for the past month.

My mood has been never better in the past month. I was always depressed, up and down and my mood is finally stable!! Feel free to cry though. It’s ok.


That’s great. I don’t know if it the shot that is not working right or I am going through a cycle.

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Sort of, but I was just slicing onions.

Are you on any sort of anti-depressant? If not, and you have these persistent symptoms, talk to your doctor. Depression is VERY treatable!

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I was in psychosis for a month followed by mood symptoms. I plan on talking to my nurse practitioner to see if she could help.

My mom being on hospice doesn’t help either.

OH NO!!! I wasn’t aware. I’m so sorry.

PLEASE let your doctor know or go to an emergency department if it gets worse and suicidal urges start?

Sending (((hugs)))



Yeah I will thanks @velociraptor.

Maybe you have some grief to process. Just remember, it doesn’t always have to be this way.

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Its a mixture of grief and depression and maybe even mixed episodes. I am trying to get passed it but it is so hard to do school work right now. I lack so much motivation so I thought I would stay here to see if people would talk to me.

There will always be someone on the site you can talk to. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Take it as easy as you can.

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Yeah I know I will try.

Maybe it would help to pamper yourself a little. Drink some cocao. Maybe eat a few cookies.

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I might take a shower and then do some school work. Talking here right now is helping with my depression a bit.

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Do you have any local support you can lean on if you get overwhelmed? That might be important.

I go to meetings every other week. I might go on Monday after I see my preceptor.

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sorry to hear about your mom.

the thought of losing someone close to us is a real cause for depression.

You’re doing your best.

Remember letting it out is better than keeping it in.

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Thanks @Daze 1515

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I feel good now and got some work accomplished thanks @velociraptor, @Daze, @Jonnybegood, and @crimby!!! I hope I got everyone.


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