Does anyone else 'yo-yo' with their weight?

Personally I have swung between 59kg’s and 100kg’s maybe 4 times in the last 10 years

Even when I am at a low weight, I still think I am fat. Know some will have a bigger problem, but my question also is if you don’t yo-yo, does it just accumulate?

I am wondering if it’s worth the hassle of becoming my ideal weight again?

If I lose it and just put it back on again, seems pretty pointless

Here I am skinny 2021:

Here I am maybe 2nd time I put on weight: (might not have been heaviest)

Our family friend always makes jokes about how I change so much all the time, and he has loads of pictures where I just look like a different person all the time - hence I have added one he took


I have yoyo’d quite a bit over the course of my life. Unfortunately I have been steadily too heavy for quite awhile now. I will eventually lose again, hopefully.

Here’s another time he sent me


From what I can remember, I once lost nearly 40kg’s just eating Cous Cous, frozen mixed veg and tuna

That took 6 months, and the hospital told me I had key tones or something

Not sure I want to do that again, but it may be worth it :confused:

We’re you ever satisfied @Bowens even when you did lose weight in the past? I didn’t and always tried to push it hard, but then it came back worse anyway


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Yes. I was satisfied with my weight when I lost it in my late 20’s, early 30’s by using a treadmill. When I lost weight through fasting when I was in psychosis, I was too far gone to care about my weight, and was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. I just fasted for delusional reasons.

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If I try to lose weight I can hang on to the diet for max 2 months. After that I just feel increased hunger to the point that I overeat a lot and I recover all the weight.

So yeah, I cannot help but yo-yoing.

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I’ve been big, small, and in between. I’m living a new lifestyle now in hopes of remaining a healthy weight from now on


I went from 74kg pre-psychosis to 81kg to 85kg to now 92kg

Yeah, that is just how my metabolism works. Most of my life i was a little overweight, but then I went anorexic and lost 100 pounds of weight in 5 months. Then after I was put on meds, my weight shot up to 285 in one year. Now I’m losing weight again so we shall see where i end up dropping to.

I have yo yoed quite a lot since developing sza

I went from 68kg to nearly 100kg post psychosis.

I used to yoyo before I got ill. But that’s because I changed the type of diet and exercise I was doing.

But at least you look good despite being skinny or fat.

I look like a pregnant woman. All the fat stores on the belly and my tit area. My legs are skinny and I have no ass. I just look horrible!


Yea, same— except for the new lifestyle part :sweat_smile:.

Have shopped in the kids section for clothes, and also worn clothing on the larger end of the spectrum.

My weight has always been a significant point of contention in my life, unfortunately—no matter what size I’m at that day.

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I’ve yo yoed a lot throughout my life

I lost quite a bit of weight when I was psychotic and off meds 6 years ago

These days I’m overweight and I seem to lose a couple of pounds then gain some more.

It’s a vicious cycle

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Unfortunately a lot of us have gained weight from the antipsychotics. I eat a lot less than I used to and have lost 100lbs over the past three years. I think the trick is to feel comfortable with hunger. For me it was self destructive to always feel full. I hope that makes sense.

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I yo yo a lot too. I bet most of us do that are on meds on this forum.

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I have lost and gained 30-40 pounds many times in the last 10-11 years. It depends on the medication I am on…all the SGAs except Abilify caused weight gain. I kept on switching and eventually now have found a weight neutral combination. Currently, I am looking like my picture suggests.