Does anyone else here sleep 12 or more hours per night?

I sleep twelve hours a night and sometimes more. Anyone else? Its sometimes inconvenient and good thing I dont have to work that would be hard. I think sleeping so much is due to meds. When I was off meds I slept a lot less. Sometimes I feel bad about sleeping so much but I have to remember it is because of meds.

i sleep 9 to 10 on average. but i wake up in the night sometimes too.

do you think you sleep that much due to the meds you take?

When taking sedating meds like Thorazine, I sleep for 11-12 hours. Clozaril made me sleep my life away. Right now I’m averaging 9-10 hours per night. I am very sensitive about my sleep - nothing ticks me off more than waking in the middle of the night to noise.

I sleep about 10-14 hours per night. I take Geodon, Klonopin, and Trazodone and Benadryl for sleep. My sleep schedule was always messed up from depression. I used to go back and forth between sleeping at night to sleeping during the day. Now I have to sleep at night, because I am going to school. I’ll have to try to get to bed early tonight, because I have school tomorrow, and I have to get up by 10:30AM. It takes me about an hour and a half to really wake up, and then I have a forty-five minute drive to get to school, and a ten minute walk to get to my class. My classes start at 1PM. I think my excessive sleeping is due to the meds.

i think i sleep just a bit longer than i use to before meds. i think i averaged 8 to 9 before meds.

after hearing these replys I dont feel so bad anymore about sleeping so long. It really is due to meds and not just me being lazy. but to those who dont understand, it looks like i am just lazy. I am a very misunderstood person. If i told the average person how long i sleep they would think I am just plain lazy …I feel bad about that

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there is an overnight retreat coming up and I am not going because I have to sleep so much. SOmetimes I miss out on things due to how much I have to sleep.

When I take my sleeping meds I will sleep 12 hours or more. But without meds I sleep about maybe 6 hours.

I don’t sleep enough maybe 5 -6 hrs maybe on the average. Lately with this new med I sleep longer, more like 7-8 hrs or so

I need 9 hours. anxiety can make me wake up in the middle of the night sometimes, then I have to take a xanax to go back to sleep. I sleep like 10 hours without an alarm, i used to sleep more but I think I’ve gotten used to my meds.

i can only dream of that…
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I’ve come to find it really depends on the season. Winter? 8-10. Summer? 6-8
Fall and Spring about 8-9

Generally 10. Sometimes 12.

With med. 7-8. Hours.
Without med 0

I sleep 12 hours with meds.

I sleep for about 12 hours.

mine is broken sleep. if the voices shut up i usually go to sleep around midnight and wake at 5am. get my son sorted and take him to school then go back to bed till about 11am. so all in all i get about 8 or 9 hours