Sleep issues

I’m wondering if I have an issue with my sleep, with meds I sleep 11-12 hours a night as tracked with my Fitbit. But tbh even before meds I would do a full day at college (sports) I’d fall asleep in the car on the way home, and then go straight to bed and sleep for 16 hours.

My old ex boyfriend used to be worried because I’d drop off the map, old friends would say I was like a cat because I slept so much.

I wonder if it’s hypersomnia

I sleep a lot on meds for sure but with some regular exercise I’ve moved from 10 hours to 8. You could just be a heavy sleeper and we are all different. Saying that- it could be good to run it by your regular gp. It’s not unusual on psych meds to sleep 10 but 12 might be something else involved.

I used to sleep a lot during the 2-3 years before my sz. I think 11-12h on meds is normal. Try caffeine to stay awake, it helps me.

“Tonight go to sleep as if your whole past has gone” - 12 hours of sleep is perfectly good and refreshing !

When I was on abilify, basically every hour that I wasn’t at school or lifting, I was sleeping. I slept from 8-6 every day and then a 2 hour nap after school, only to be awakened to my brother pounding on my door saying its time to go the gym; I don’t envy those days in the least. Risperdal was better, then caplyta has been way better. It’s common for me to only go 5-6 hours a day because I wake up at 4:30 days that I go to work. So I think it’s mainly just the antipsychotics, because I was not like this before.

Also, happy day of the cakes @spiderpig

When I was very active in sports, I would sleep a lot more. But not 16 hours. On meds, I average around 9 hours a night, with some nights of 6 and some nights of 12 depending on my activity level. It might be worth asking a doctor about. I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder, and since I’ve been treated for it I feel much better.

I’ve had sleep issues from way back. A comment, from my father, about the years 1958-1961(when I was 1-4).

Mima and I tended to be rather short of sl,eep. Because you would not go to bed early, had to have one of us stay with you until you went to sleep and tended to w,ake up with nightmares.

Nowadays I’m very much a night owl with a tendency to experience initial insomnia .

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